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Josef Toman - kandidát na prezidenta 2018






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Book 2020 Introduction US Propaganda Political Systems Fixing Democracy Fixing Our Lives Fixing the Economy Life Enjoyment Globalization Fixing the USA End to Globalization Fixing Other Countries The Future Conclusion Appendix



Open Letter to Barack Obama

US presidential candidate:



Joseph Toman, Ph.D.


Currently residing in the Czech Republic



October 10, 2008



Mr. Barack Obama

US Presidential Candidate


Dear Mr. Obama,


I believe that you will win the elections! You must win! The Republicans do not deserve to be in the White House, not after what we have witnessed during the horrible Bush’ presidency!


I have dual citizenship, US and Czech, and would like to inform you about an unfortunate situation in the Czech Republic regarding the US radar installation.


The Germans killed hundreds of thousands of Czechs during WW2, mostly because they did not consider them to be an Arian race, as their Germanic race was. After the fall of Communism, the Germans were allowed to gain ownership of majority of Czech newspapers and they launched a tremendous despicable campaign against the Czech people, against Czech national traits, against Czech interests, Czech culture, a campaign that is pro US radar, etc. Important scientific analysis shows that the radar will protect the Germans and other Western Europeans, while it will devastate the Czech Republic during a conflict. The German media put out so much misinformation about the radar as they do about everything else. Germans, the killers of so many Czechs, think that they have a green light to do in the Czech Republic whatever they want, from taking their waste here legally to taking it here illegally, from using special private commandos to beat problematic Czech store customers, to cutting large amounts of old trees in front of other stores without getting permits. They use the commandos to also beat the darker skin Romanis (Gypsies), on whom they committed a Holocaust in WW2 and practically never compensated them. They do not allow them to immigrate to Germany and they exclude them from employment in their Czech businesses.


The Czechs are not being told the truth about the US radar that the Bush’ administration has been pushing here. The civil defense system that the Communists built had been more or less dismantled by the post-Communist regimes, and while e.g. the neighboring Slovakia is beginning to rebuild theirs, mainly because of the US space defense system, the Czech government does not care about doing the same in the Czech Republic. The German press keeps on misinforming the Czech people; the corrupted non-democratic Czech rightist government is headed by Topolanek, who had in the past displayed Nazi symbols, although supposedly unknowingly, Cunek, who was repeatedly accused of discriminating the Romanis, Bursik, who claims to be pro-environment, but wants the radar, and Klaus, who has the same environmental and economic philosophy as Bush. All of them are pushing the radar, despite the fact that even the misinformed Czechs do not want it. 70% Czechs are against it. If they would be told the truth, 95% would say NO! The Czech rightist government, with close ties to the Bush’s administration, and the Germans, doesn’t care at all what Czech people think, want, or what is good for them.


I usually do not get involved in politics, but the evil Bush’ administration’s arrogance and lying energized me to write this book “1984 2020”. Its main theme and principle for solving world’s problems is more democracy, more freedom. It is in total opposite to what Bush has been pushing. I am extremely down on anything he has done. My book is a recipe to better America, better Czech Republic, better world.


When my wife, a psychiatrist, saw Rumsfeld and rest of the boys that surrounded Bush, she saw evil. In you we see something different; you give hope to us all. Please do not disappoint us!


I am sure that you would institute different policies than the awful Bush’ administration did. It was an administration, which I believe was a total disgrace to our great American nation. I beg you to do everything you can to cancel any kind of radar treaties the Bush’ administration signed with the Czech government. Bush did not have much of mandate to represent the American people. The Czech government has absolutely no mandate to represent the Czechs regarding the radar.


I wish you a lot of luck in your office, as I am sure that you will win. Hopefully you will be the new president that will do for our American nation as much, or maybe even more than President Kennedy was able to. Let’s pray that history does not repeat itself and that you will leave the office healthy, after a second term, as a leader of a nation – and world – where past wounds are healing fast. Still you must be careful. Please be very careful! Good luck from the bottom of my heart.


Yours sincerely,



Joseph Toman





I am afraid that even you, because of your advisors, will be pushing the Czech-Republic-based radar, although in a more human manner than Bush did, which may e.g. mean that the base would include Russian advisors and would be a part of NATO. If it would be pushed upon the Czechs, through their very corrupted government, even if it is done within NATO, it would be a discriminatory act against people of this region, because they would suffer most damages in a nuclear conflict as the defense system will be causing nuclear radiation from shot-down and other missiles to contaminate this area, not mentioning that Czech Republic would become a major military target. As this system is to protect mainly Germany and other Western European nations and Czech Republic is to become the area of a nuclear theater, then the Czechs who want to should be helped with resettling to the West and those who would decide to stay – for those massive anti-nuclear shelters and other protective systems must be built. Radio Free Europe and other US installations must move out of the densely populated area of Prague. RFE should in my opinion move back to Germany, where it would be a military target; it should not be a target in the beautiful city of Prague. The Germans killed so many Czechs and now many more Czechs are to die to protect their Germanic-Arian nation, which did the worst sadistic racial hate crimes during WW2 and was responsible for deaths of so many innocent people. All this, as well as large money compensation by Germany and other Western European nations, must be provided to the Czechs for taking upon them the task of protecting the West, while risking their own lives, their own genetic damage, cancers, and total country devastation. I am not against the space shield, but if needs to be built, Azerbajdzan, not Czech Republic, is the place where it belongs to.







This is an unfinished, unchecked, preliminary version of a book, which is an exercise in extreme conspiracy theory; the author’s intention is to show how an extreme conspiracy theorist thinks and views the world and this is how this book should be interpreted and understood; it is nothing more and nothing less. It’s a look into the mind of a conspiracy theorist. Although it shows the extreme conspiracy viewpoint, also some less extreme angles are shown. Everything that is described negatively, including people, is again only the way a conspiracy theorist sees it, which is generally negative – not politically correct; it’s not an actual portrayal of any person or anything else. Graphs used only give indication of trends; as the conspiracy theorist does not trust official statistics; unless indicated otherwise, nothing in the book is based on them.


Author sorts views into these categories, official, conspiracy, conspiracy theory, and extreme conspiracy theory. When it comes to e.g. the killing of John F. Kennedy, the official, politically correct version is that it was carried by Oswald, who acted alone. Conspiracy viewpoint is e.g. that it was carried by KGB, for whom Oswald worked. Conspiracy theory viewpoint is that this is not a fact, but that from a theoretical viewpoint this is what happened. Extreme conspiracy viewpoint is that it is theoretically possible that the killing was e.g. the work of CIA. This book is a look at the world from this extreme conspiracy angle.


The author authorizes, anywhere in the world, copying, translating, and distribution of this book version, in its complete form. He is doing so for the purpose of gathering more comments, information about inaccuracies, etc. The author does not guarantee that he will be able to read or answer all correspondence. Individual chapters or more of them together can be distributed by any means, including over the Internet, but must be unaltered and noted as being parts of this book, with author’s email and web address included, also with a note that the book is based on extreme conspiracy theory.


This edition is pretty much final, except I still wanted to go over it to correct grammatical and other minor mistakes. Some of the graph data should be recalculated even in the official statistics, where, when I was e.g. converting rate of infection of some infectious disease from the total for whole US population to number of infections per one million, etc., to make it easier on myself I used US population figure of 300 million for all years, which makes my figures lower for those years, where the population was lower, etc. Purpose of this book is to show concepts – an overall picture. For this purpose accuracy of the graphs, etc. is sufficient. This edition is my truly last shot at this. I really do not have any more time to devote to this now or ever in the future. This is it! This is “the” final version!


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Book 2020 Introduction US Propaganda Political Systems Fixing Democracy Fixing Our Lives Fixing the Economy Life Enjoyment Globalization Fixing the USA End to Globalization Fixing Other Countries The Future Conclusion Appendix


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