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Book 2020 Introduction US Propaganda Political Systems Fixing Democracy Fixing Our Lives Fixing the Economy Life Enjoyment Globalization Fixing the USA End to Globalization Fixing Other Countries The Future Conclusion Appendix


Author: Joseph Toman


Text Box:  
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  George Orwell was clairvoyant in predicting what is coming; he was only wrong as to when. 
·      Preventing WW3 – with China – which is to be fought with laser, biological and neutron weapons
·      Making World 5x Better by strengthening democracy principles, not by abandoning them
·      Secret US Weapons site in the Czech Republic is not a radar, but a top secret laser death ray 






















Improving World 5x while preventing WW3

Increasing quality of life 5-times – worldwide – in the next 20 years – by going against the current political trends, by strengthening democratic principles and freedoms, not by abandoning them



Preliminary Version 0.3b

Important note: This is an unfinished, unchecked, preliminary version of a book, which is an exercise in conspiracy theory. Further information is in a note at the end of the English section.

Copyright © Joseph Toman, 2006, 2008. Third Edition. Title of the book: 2020. All rights reserved, except as this is not a finished book, this version is published solely for the purpose to gather comments to make corrections. The author authorizes, anywhere in the world, copying, translating, and distribution. Further information is in a note at the end of the English section.








I dedicate this book to the people of the United States, the people of the Czech Republic, to all the wronged nations, and most of all, to our beloved planet, the beautiful Earth, which is our precious home – our only home. I hope ALL of us will soon start to fully realize that, will start treating it with love and will work together in making it the most wonderful, hospitable, healthy, sweet and perfect home one can imagine, and will never stop in doing so.


Why is the world so imperfect? Why is there so much suffering? Why are we heading to one of the greatest ecological disasters man has ever known? The reason our society is in such a terrible shape, why people are unhappy, why we have wars, drugs, crime, obesity, STD epidemics, and so many broken homes is not because our society is just not perfect, or because our “free” and “democratic” society is too easy on criminals – or whatever is the propaganda the establishment is feeding us. The reason why we have all these wrongs is because

  • They do not affect sufficiently negatively finances of the industrial-military complex.
  • All fixes the governments and corporations do are short term, while a much larger long-term negative effect is ignored. Short-term success is what gets government officials reelected and top corporate managers rich and secured in their positions.
  • We are constantly being reminded that we should spend more money, buy new cars, better houses, should be smiling all the time, be extroverted, that rich lifestyles and unnatural anorexic-type bodies are needed to make us feel good about ourselves. Because most people can’t achieve these things, or can’t achieve them enough, it makes them not satisfied and content; it stresses them out and lowers their self-esteem. It creates dissatisfaction. The end results are less happy marriages, even broken homes and an increased crime level.


This book does not only show how to fix the broken, very poorly functioning world; it actually gives a plan on how to improve it quickly and quite painlessly. Does it sound impossible? I’m sure it does! So please, read on – you may be in for a few surprises!


This book is written in rather layman’s terms. Everything is simplified and carefully explained. To make things as simple as possible, mostly one type of graph is used. These graphs show trends, an overall picture – nothing more – no precise numbers. Instead of academics, the main emphasis of this book is on easy understandability of this rather complex subject.



Official Look at the World


The official establishment version is that we, as a race, are making progress, are economically better off than our predecessors; our health care is better than ever so we are living longer. Colonization era ended some half a century ago and globalization is bringing better life to the developing nations. Communism in the Soviet block ended twenty years ago and as a result a new better world is immerging in Eastern Europe. We have better TV’s and stereos; our sex life is more free and exciting. Unfortunately there are terrorists who envy our good life and don’t appreciate our freedoms and democracies, so they are trying to destroy our democratic world and kill our innocent people. Our secret services are doing their best to protect us, but we need to sacrifice some freedoms for the sake of security.


Our governments are inefficient, but are doing the best they can. We have free press that is informing us fairly accurately of what is going on. Our pastors, priests, Rabbis, mullahs, etc. represent some of our spiritual leaders and there is a force, a spirit, or a man-like figure, which most refer to as God that has created our world. We vote and although the choices are not perfect, our democratic system works.


The Western countries are democracies and man has never developed a better system; unfortunately we have to fight our enemies to preserve our democratic ways. Life under Communism was terrible and the Communists are still a potential threat. We are fighting against crime and drugs. The government is trying to protect us, but the criminals and drug dealers are taking advantage of the lax laws and of the many freedoms our society offers and as a result are getting away with their crooked illegal ways. There is not much that can be done, except maybe to stiffen prison sentences and give the police more power.







Conspiracy Theory


This book is written from the conspiracy theory viewpoint. While a conspiracy theorist will see a CIA plot behind JFK killing, the conventional theory proponent will believe the government version – a plot of one man, Lee Harvey Oswald. The conspiracy theorist will see a conspiracy behind Yale’s Skull and Bones society to which George W. Bush belongs. The one who trusts the establishment will see an elitist fraternity organization, nothing more.







Conspiracy Theory Viewpoint


There is no democracy, only a circus show to fool the public. There is purposely crime – and world tensions are artificially created so that people would appreciate strong police, secret services, and armies, whose true purpose is to protect the ruling class and their interests. Terrorism was created artificially to keep the populations scared so that they would support the kind of governments, which can “protect” them. We are as unhappy as ever, which is evident in the number of broken homes, children using drugs and the unprecedented number of people that are infected with a serious incurable sexually transmitted disease (STD).


Before the fall of Communism, people lived more satisfying lives in the crime-free, drug-free Communist Czechoslovakia than

  • the Americans did then
  • the Americans do now
  • the Czechs do now in the new “democratic” Czech Republic, which is full of crime and drugs, where divorce rate nearly doubled and STD infection rate skyrocketed


I realize that great majority of people do not believe that people in a Communist country could have been happier than in a “democratic” one. Later on in this book I’ll get to analyze the psychological and social factors, in addition to the economic and political ones. The psychological factors can increase people’s happiness much more than money and political freedoms can. I’ll also show the difference between political and personal freedom and how it fits the equation. We’ll get into a number of areas that the establishment is trying to hide from us.


The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are nothing more than beginning of WW3 that has nothing to do with fighting terrorism, but is being waged to control natural resources, mainly oil and natural gas.


The damages we do to our planet may soon become irreparable. The Earth is our home – this is where we live – and we are destroying it on purpose so that the very rich can get even richer and as a result we will all end up in problems so big that only a one-world totalitarian government will be able to fix.


History repeats itself, only now it is happening on a much larger scale. What will happen to our planet has a parallel to what already happened to Germany after WW1. Hitler eventually gave Germans, who were dying of hunger, hope and they cheered, voted, and gave lives for their leader. When we will be dying of hunger, we too will vote for new leaders to save us. They will form the new totalitarian one-world government, which will bring back concentration camps and gas chambers, only this time a lot more people will die there; in addition to that we are heading towards an era of some of the deadliest epidemics of incurable infectious diseases one has ever known. What is most terrible is that man has purposely created these diseases, e.g. with improper antibiotics use. (You don’t need a prescription to buy antibiotics in Mexico and many other countries.) The infected and the ones who will be genetically damaged from the upcoming regional nuclear conflicts will be mercilessly killed, as the damaged Earth will not be able to sustain lives of all of us and there will not exist a possibility to treat the ill and damaged ones on such a large scale.






What was our world like 50 years ago?


It was over a decade after WW2. We were in the middle of the cold war. We had prosperity. The communists were rapidly and successfully rebuilding their part of the world that was war-damaged. We have won the war on syphilis, gonorrhea, tuberculosis, and many other life-threatening infectious diseases. Sex was safe then, without a condom. If someone was infected with an STD, it was traced from whom and everyone in the chain got treated. Except for some local flare-ups, the world was a peaceful place with, by today’s standards, rather little amount of nuclear arsenal and power. Families stayed together, music was pretty and about love, movies and television were teaching morality and family values and did not promote anorexia. The schools were quite good. The streets were quite safe. There were no drug-addiction epidemics and there were no terrorists.



World Today


Are we better off today than we were 50 years ago? Are we more satisfied? Are we happier? Are we more disease free? Is there less crime in our streets? Is our world more peaceful? Are our kids exposed to fewer drugs? Will their future be brighter than ours? Are our families happier together? Do we have more freedom? Are there less STD‘s? Is there less cancer? Are we eating healthier foods? Is our environment cleaner? Answer to all these important questions is unfortunately "no". Compared to 50 years ago we are not better off. With all the scientific, medical, and technical advances our society made, one must ask: What went wrong?


Our race to the high tech future is going to end up taking humanity back to the dark ages. The faster we move forward technically, the faster we are moving back in terms of humanity, social values, and freedoms. The closer is our genetic engineering research getting to the creation of man, the closer we are to extinction of the human race. As we are developing more and more sophisticated weapons to protect our freedoms, the true freedoms that we destroyed in the process are taking us decades or centuries back. Because of crime we are no longer free to walk the streets at night; we are not free to voice a different political opinion, because we may lose our jobs. We are not free to travel without being watched, scrutinized, and without being afraid of a terrorist attack.




Dawn of World War 3


We are at the crossroads right now. The world is armed to its teeth. History teaches us that this type of arms buildup always leads to a war. Gorbachev offered the US worldwide nuclear disarmament. The United States refused. In today’s world we have a number of unstable regimes that do possess nuclear weapons.


This book is a recipe on how to avoid future nuclear conflict and how to create a lot better, a lot different world order, a world order that would benefit everyone – from the poorest to the super rich.


Further down in the book I include calculated estimates on damages that are likely to occur in the US and the Czech Republic as a result of the military policy of the United States. The estimates include probability factors for various scenarios. In case the US builds its antimissile space defense shield, all sides will become much more trigger-happy, because a preemptive strike would mean much lower own losses. The space shield system increases significantly probability of more Americans and other nationals dying. Its knockout would precede first strike against the US. Although a large number of Americans would die in such a war, practically no members of the super secret, super powerful organizations Bilderberg and Trilateral Commission would. They, and their families, will survive in secret underground cities, built for the top elites. These people are safe, that is why they can afford to play these dangerous games. Neither they, nor their families are in any real danger.







From each war someone profits. The military industrial complex would make tremendous amount of money from

  • building the antimissile shield, while building advanced offensive weapons
  • from rebuilding the world destroyed in WW3
  • from ruling the whole world after a new worldwide dictatorial government is installed after the war.


When Western Europe accepted the Eastern European states into EU, it did have a hidden agenda. That was to shield the West from devastation caused during WW3. The nuclear, laser, and biological war theater would be played over the oceans and the area of Eastern Europe; at least that is the plan. Unfortunately Western leaders make their major decisions in secret, in their secret organizations like the Bilederberg and the Trilateral Commission; ordinary people never find the truth about what is being discussed there, often not even that a meeting is taking place. You should also know that great majority of Bilderbergers, Trilaterals, and their families, are of Christian heritage, Protestant particularly.


Naturally there are many variables when it comes to the future war. No one knows to what extent neutron bombs will be a part of the conflict and what biological, chemical and other weapons of mass destruction have been developed and would be deployed. No one knows if Russia will be drawn into the war, or what kind of government it will have at that time. We know that secretly developed weapons will be used, including lasers that are rumored to have already been deployed in space. There are just too many variables.


No one transferred to China more of advanced military technology than did the US. This book describes why China is likely be the main enemy in the future war, as well as what to do, at all costs, to avoid such a conflict.


Besides being a guide on what to do to prevent a new word war, the great majority of this book describes the mechanisms behind the wrongs in our society and how to fix them to make our lives some 5x better – within the next twenty years. Although this may seem impossible to achieve, in actuality all we need to do is find a way to elect governments that are honest, skilled, and work for wellbeing of its people, not primarily for wellbeing of special interest groups. One of the things these governments would do, would be improvement of psychological factors that make us unhappy. I know that all this seems not enough or too far stretched, so please read on; my book may surprise you – shock you – even motivate you to get involved.





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Book 2020 Introduction US Propaganda Political Systems Fixing Democracy Fixing Our Lives Fixing the Economy Life Enjoyment Globalization Fixing the USA End to Globalization Fixing Other Countries The Future Conclusion Appendix



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