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Trestní oznámení kvůli maření voleb naleznete na spodu této stránky: články

MBA a jiné diplomy ze škol se západní tradicí, obyčejně lepší než jsou naše, po stipendiu za často poloviční školné než u nás a můžete studovat distančně v ČR v ČJ. Navíc mnohé nejsou na rozdíl od našich tolik matematicky náročné. Máte-li zájem, kontaktujte mě, pomohu vám.

Doporučeno: www.sos.cz


Book 2020 Introduction US Propaganda Political Systems Fixing Democracy Fixing Our Lives Fixing the Economy Life Enjoyment Globalization Fixing the USA End to Globalization Fixing Other Countries The Future Conclusion Appendix 









I recommend everyone the following movies and books.






·         Fahrenheit 9/11, directed by Michael Moore – an excellent documentary film that shows G.W. Bush’s involvement with the Saudis, etc.

·         Syriana, directed by Stephen Gaghan – excellent movie that gives insight to the Middle Eastern crisis.

·         Super Size Me, directed by Morgan Spurlock – a must-see film for everyone, especially your kids; this film is the best tool to teach you not to eat junk foods

·         The Secret Of Nicola Tesla, directed by Kristo Papic – excellent and very interesting film

·         Couple enriching artistic Czech films: My Sweet Little Village (Vesnicko ma strediskova), directed by Jiri Menzl, Loves Between Raindrops (Lasky mezi kapkami deste), directed by K. Kachyna



Health Book


·         Every Woman’s Book by Paavo Airola; this book is “the” nutritional bible for everyone, even for men and kids. Most who follow the book’s recommendations could, in my opinion, easily add over 10 years to their lives





Here is a short list of some true classics:

·         Tender Is The Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald

·         Arch Of Triumph by Erich Maria Remarque

·         Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte





·         A conspiracy theorist never has all the facts; that is why his conclusions are based on o lot of assumptions, or rather theories. This can classify his work, by official, conventional standards, as fiction, especially if one does, as I do, often use other than official figures and criteria. This is why there are discrepancies between my and official statistics. No matter how you decide to call my work, it is a look at the world from an extreme conspiracy theory angle as I attempt to show the society from a viewpoint of an extreme conspiracy theorist. I do not present the counterpoint of how the world is viewed by majority of people, the establishment scientists, etc., which is a totally different, much more conventional, much less extreme picture. Value of this study, in my opinion, is that it streamlines many known conspiracy theories into one, although quite unconventional perspective.

·         Will I ever finish this book? No, I don’t and will not have the time, so I will never finish it; this revision is good enough; it is the last one. Will I ever try to get into politics? No, with this book my political activities ended; I have too many other, much more interesting, interests.

·         Question on conflicting thoughts in this book: There are not too many; the ones that are there are because the book is not finished and my ideas were developing as went along. 

·         I was not going to get involved in this project anymore, however I read the last preliminary edition, couple months after its release and I found it so raw, so unfinished, that I made these corrections. This is a final touch of the book. Although far from being polished into a final form, the important data is here. If anyone wants to, he can take this project from this point on and use it as basis for a more refined political, philosophical, social, etc. outlook at the world, create a more scientific book, or whatever.







This whole book looks at the world negatively. It portrays a bad world-wide conspiracy and conspirators; it shows how we are moving fast to become a one large totalitarian society. It is how a conspiracy theorist sees things and it is what this book is based on. A conspiracy theorist sees bad people who want to do bad things to us all in order to profit from the unfortunate situation.


Looking at the world from a less radical viewpoint, the reality becomes a little different. We see a world that is being run primarily by older men. They come from abnormal families and have lived abnormal lives. They are not abnormal because they are crazy; they are abnormal, because they don’t live lives like regular people do, so their view of how life is in the real world is quite distorted. They have developed paranoid personalities because all their lives someone tried to get some of their wealth. They don’t even trust their wives; they think that these women married them for money. And they are right; they did marry them for money, but also for their power.


These people don’t know how to change the system, but they have the power to keep it perpetuating. They don’t mean any harm to the society, to us ordinary people. On the contrary; they are trying to help us all, and I mean it. They belong to powerful secret organizations, like the Illuminati and Trilateral Commission. They are responsible for stopping Hitler and for fall of the Soviet empire.


These powerful secret organizations will eventually get us all ruled by one-world government. It will not be all slavery as the radical conspiracy theorists see it. It will free us from criminals, drugs, epidemics of infectious diseases, from wars and hunger. It will be a totalitarian society, something like the Gorbachev-style Communism was, but the system will function well economically.


These modern day kingmakers are not bad men, but to even be considered for joining their secret societies, like e.g. the Bilderberg, you need to think like they do. You have to be set in such ways as to continue with the same scenario that they had developed and have been using for a long time. Within this scenario will be future unpleasant events, but overall in the end it will be a great improvement to what we have right now.


These rich and powerful men do the best they can to get us into a better future, into what they consider to be better future, but since most of them are old, they, like all older people, will not try anything new, something that may seem radical to them, something which has not been proven to work. What they are doing has worked for them in the past, has been tested many times; it has helped the rich preserve their wealth and with that their lives and power. Are they fair in their race for riches? Of course not! But they need their riches because they need their power!


This book shows an alternate way on how to get to a better world, by taking a less dangerous path than the kingmakers have set. It shows how to create a true pro-people government that will work for well-being of us all, naturally including the rich and powerful ones.




Return to Reality


I woke up and saw the world again clearly, without the twisted glasses of a conspiracy theorist. There it was; beautiful and ugly, colorful and black and white; the radar base in the Czech Republic was suddenly just a backup for another one that was to be built further East, and of a satellite-based defense system. Then I saw the future and it was the same scenario with China that once already happened with the Soviet Union; they just gave in and accepted Western ways. I saw world without wars, a world where our leaders took us through a very dusty and a bumpy road, but we got there. There it was – a world without conflicts, without suffering, hunger or disease, a world full of love and happiness. Then I opened up my eyes...














Power Distribution inside the State



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Book 2020 Introduction US Propaganda Political Systems Fixing Democracy Fixing Our Lives Fixing the Economy Life Enjoyment Globalization Fixing the USA End to Globalization Fixing Other Countries The Future Conclusion Appendix



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