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Book 2020 Introduction US Propaganda Political Systems Fixing Democracy Fixing Our Lives Fixing the Economy Life Enjoyment Globalization Fixing the USA End to Globalization Fixing Other Countries The Future Conclusion Appendix





Democracy, freedom, free enterprise, equal justice for all – these are noble principles of a democratic society. The reality is a lot less noble though. The problem is not that these high principles can’t be upheld. Problem is that politicians do not work towards, or strive for, very high standards. They don’t work for the good of the people who elected them. They work for their own benefits, and for benefits of those, who offer them the most money, can guarantee that their political career will last the longest, and when it ends will offer them easy very well paid positions. Politicians work for these powerful special interest groups and their lobbies. True patriots with people interests have no chance of winning elections, except some little community ones, because the military-industrial complex and their powerful media would not support them.


So basically we have self-serving men that act as our leaders. What is needed is to create a better, more democratic system. In Switzerland democracy works because people know well the candidates they vote for and these candidates are highly patriotic and accountable for their actions. All those in power, which is politicians, high-ranking-policemen, secret service men, army officers, media owners and editors, powerful campaign contributors, and large corporation managers are responsible for the unfortunate status quo, for the nonfunctioning democratic system.


Following are some areas that need to be improved. If some of them are not acceptable under certain political system, which is not democratic enough to allow them, we need to work towards improvement of the system so that these ideas become legal and workable; in worse case we can modify these ideas as they are not set in concrete, but can still serve as a guide.





The government wants us to give up freedom for security, while it is government policies that are responsible for terrorism and its growth. US foreign policies are directly responsible. They tell us that we need to sacrifice our freedoms and trust our governments. These governments are listening to our telephone conversations, read our mail, enter our homes when no one is there. GPS, EDGE, digital television, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID tags, cell phones… all these can, and will be used, some more – some less, to track us, to listen to us and soon to watch us.


Freedom is a lot more than freedom of speech, freedom to gather, and freedom to vote. If you speak on the phone and the government is listening to your conversation; if you express your political opinion on your job and you soon get laid off for “an unrelated reason”; if you vote and neither of the two major parties have attractive enough programs, are you really free? Is it any different from Communism, which the establishment was scaring you with throughout your life?


Communism ended and the US doesn’t need to compete anymore with the Eastern (Soviet) block; they no longer need to show how free America is, so freedoms are being suspended big time.


Actually there is a lot more to freedom; personal freedom is to the average person a lot more important than political freedom is. Consider these as extremely important freedoms:

  • Freedom to roam the woods without being attacked
  • Freedom to keep the doors unlocked at night
  • Freedom not to be cheated during a purchase
  • Freedom to have sex with a new partner without a condom and without a fear of catching serious STD
  • Freedom to walk around the city at night without being afraid of being robbed.


Communism suddenly starts to sound less bad, doesn’t it? These are the freedoms they had. The ones we had and they did not, we just gave up for “sake of security”.









  • The justice system is wrong if someone with the right connections is above the law, or if someone who has a better lawyer has a much better chance of winning a lawsuit, e.g. a rich husband, who is getting divorced form his wife that he decides to discard for someone half her age. In this lawsuit, with a lot better lawyer, he makes sure that the wife does not get what she is supposed to. This applies to great majority of countries.
  • Minimum that has to be done, to improve the justice system, is to create free legal services for everyone. These legal services should at least prepare court documents for the requestor and give him all the advice he needs. Then the courts and judges must provide these people in the courtroom with enough assistance so that they are not seriously disadvantaged in the process. If someone is not represented by a lawyer, the usual condition that if he or she misses something it is their fault must not apply. If someone does not have a lawyer, the judge and the court system must help this person as much as possible.
  • To make sure that the court is unbiased, since politicians name judges, jury trials, except in small court cases, must be available to anyone who requests them.
  • Promotion of hate must be punished the same way as hate-crimes themselves. Punishments must be substantial. Hate, racial one especially, is like an infectious disease and as such it needs effective prevention, discipline, or quarantine. All this is needed to make eradication of hate a success. It must not develop into the state of an epidemic, as happened with fascism and Nazism before WW2.
  • Traffic fines and other court fines and fees will be according to one’s wealth and income. Similar situation exists in Finland. Punishing one with a 1,000 dollar fee can ruin him, while for someone else 1,000 dollars means nothing. Everyone should feel punishment the same.





  • It is necessary to reestablish manual vote counting as it’s been proven again and again in the US how easy it is to hack computers in the voting machines.
  • We need to start a program on simplifying the voting system. No voter registration will be required and there will be elections only every two years. Voting must be mandatory. Another way of handling it is that those who vote will receive a tax break – or cash – if they don’t earn enough income to pay taxes.

·         In the US a party needs 2% votes to get into legislature. In Czech Republic it is 5%. Abolishing this discriminatory rule would allow wider legislative political spectrum. Politics will become more diverse, more interesting, and will cater better to voters’ needs as more progressive parties will be able to participate in the political process.

·         To make sure that a society is democratic, it is necessary for all parties, which had at least 1% vote in the previous elections, to be given equal pre-election exposure by the media. If no party wins a majority, coalitions must be formed. Parties refusing to enter into coalitions do not belong into politics. There will be a general election website in each country and on this website all parties with at least 0.1% votes in the previous election will be given one page to briefly describe their platform, short and long term goals, who their leaders are, etc. On this page will be a link to the party’s national website. This will help educate the voters much better as to whom they vote for and what are their choices. At the same time it will allow parties with better diversified platforms to enter and enrich the stale non-functioning political system.

·         One or the biggest deficiencies of the imperfect voting process we have is that not all socioeconomic groups are represented sufficiently, some are more or less missing altogether because their members don’t vote. The main reason for them not voting is because the main parties do not represent the needs of these groups, or their members have too many problems of their own that prevent them high enough participation in the election process – this applies e.g. to the homeless. Especially in local government elections, because voter turnout is so low, the whole election process becomes totally non-democratic. If voting does not become mandatory or there are not enough incentives to make practically all people to vote, the solution is to have a system, which will determine what percentage of voters turned out from each of the socioeconomic groups and then compensate the voting results of each of the groups – increase the voting results to give the whole group proper election representation. For instance, if 20 percent people in a certain group vote, each of their votes will be counted 5-times.

·         Voters need to be educated on all election issues that they wish to learn about – including over the Internet.

  • 15-17 years olds will be allowed to vote, but their voices will count only as ½. If 90- and 100-year old people can vote, so must be able to do so these teenagers. Kids should be getting involved in the society issues early. I would actually prefer to have a system, where all teenagers would be able to vote. Votes of the 13 and 14 year olds would count 25%, or even better, the increase could be gradual from the age 13 to 17.
  • Prisoners and people on probation must be allowed to vote; they too are human beings and the main reason they are in jail is because the society has not given them enough support and opportunities; the wrong social order is primarily responsible that the poor, not the rich, end up in jail. If these people are not allowed to vote, the awful prison systems will not improve.









  • Voting for issues in referendums is more democratic than voting for the same issues by politicians. Referendums truly represent interests of people, not interests of politicians, which hardly ever correspond with people’s interests.
  • A referendum (in California called proposition) must be allowed on any issue, where survey of cross section of the population indicates that most of the public wants it.
  • Constitutional changes can be accomplished via referendums, but they must require at least 75% vote and must not be racially or otherwise discriminatory, must not abandon or lower democratic principles, freedoms, quest for world peace, etc.
  • If a government passes a legislature against the will of its people, while disallowing a referendum, the legislature needs to be considered illegal and must be abolished at the first opportunity by a referendum. That includes actions of the government, which are done for the benefit of another nation or nations, instead of its own people, especially if such nation or nations have a strong lobby within the country and operate there any kind of entity, besides its consulate, which is tied or is likely to be tied to its secret services.







  • Must agree to the highest punishment if they lie, take bribes, steal, or work against well-being of their nation
  • All politicians’ discussions must be in public, not in special secret committees. If a politician understands the issues, so can the people. If politicians are to be trusted to make proper decisions, the people must know everything about these decisions. People who wish to learn about these issues more should be able to get educated efficiently over the Internet.
  • All politicians’ voting records will be made public over the Internet and their voting record must not contradict to what they promised during election campaign.
  • Politicians will be regularly meeting with their voters and will be answering their questions. These meetings will be videotaped and the videos will be available over the Internet forever for free to everyone.
  • Politician will disclose all their ties, and their family ties, current and past, that they are aware of – ties to all governments, secret services, the army, all the rich and powerful people, all underground figures, all foreign nations, and all media. If they want to be our leaders, we need to know who they are. When a manger is hired to lead a company, the owners check his background thoroughly. He works for them, not for their competition. Politicians must work for the voters, who should have the same privilege to know the politicians’ background. If he or she refuses to disclose it, it should raise a very large red flag and clearly indicate that someone who is more open should run for the office. What the politicians will not want the public to know would be labeled “Censored”. It is up to the voters to accept or not a candidate who hides anything from them.
  • Politicians will agree to analysis of their handwriting, including older samples – including those going as far back as their childhood. These samples, together with interpretations, will be available over the Internet. 
  • Will agree to extensive psychological testing and posting of the results on the Internet. These tests uncover traits like dishonesty, cunningness, mental disorders, etc.
  • All will agree to work for nation’s average salary, drive average cars, eat the same food and live in the same type of neighborhoods as average folks do. They must be exposed to as much crime, chemicals and pollution as average people are. Their kids must go to average public schools in their average neighborhoods. Unless politicians and their families are exposed to the same problems as the rest of us, they not only have no drive to improve or eliminate these problems, they can’t even understand them.
  • They will work for the benefit of their nation, not for benefit of anyone else, and will step down from their posts, should they develop other than national interests. At that time they will announce what their interests are.
  • Will have strong expertise and proven high abilities in the government field they work in and will work hard and efficiently, just as if they worked in private industry.
  • Must have an enormous edge over their competition. Their competition is not the competing politicians, but the typically inefficient and less than honest governments of other nations.
  • Must be honest and will consider it to be a great honor to serve their nation.
  • Will not have any different anti-nuclear, anti-biological, and anti-chemical protection than ordinary people have – will be protected only as much as the average citizens are. If they feel that they require additional protection, it means that so do other people. We must examine how the Swiss are protecting their citizens and at the same time realize that it is a neutral country that does not fight against terrorism and therefore is not in any significant way subject to terrorist attacks, but the Swiss government cares about their people, so it protects them.
  • Will provide 1-, 10-, 100-, and a 1000-year vision, including a road map on how to get there. If they don’t have such a long vision, even a very vague one, they can provide a shorter one.



Others in Power


  • Policemen, secret service men, army officers, media owners and editors, all powerful campaign contributors, central (Federal Reserve) bank directors, and top officers of large corporation must all work towards well-being of us all.
  • Media, which is the unofficial 4th branch of the government, due to its powers, must be most patriotic, truthful and unbiased; no foreign control will be allowed. In the US it would be unthinkable for foreigners to own and control a national TV network, as we can see is happening e.g. in the Czech Republic.
  • Many of the requirements that were listed above for politicians will also apply to these powerful people.



Lie Detector Test


  • The character and truthfulness of politicians and other powerful men that influence politics and people’s lives, directly or not, will be scrutinized. They must agree to undergo random lie detector testing.
  • The lie detecting methods will be most up to date and will be constantly refined to prevent anyone from interfering with the results.
  • As power lies primarily in hands of the government, secret services, army, police, banks, the central bank, multinational corporations, and the media, influential people in these organizations need to be tested to determine if they work for well being of their nation or if they have alternative motives. These people must all undergo lie detector testing to the extent that CIA agents do right now. During the test they must be in a state, when they will not be able to fool the procedure.







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Book 2020 Introduction US Propaganda Political Systems Fixing Democracy Fixing Our Lives Fixing the Economy Life Enjoyment Globalization Fixing the USA End to Globalization Fixing Other Countries The Future Conclusion Appendix



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