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Book 2020 Introduction US Propaganda Political Systems Fixing Democracy Fixing Our Lives Fixing the Economy Life Enjoyment Globalization Fixing the USA End to Globalization Fixing Other Countries The Future Conclusion Appendix









East Germany


East Germany no longer exists as a country and West Germany that absorbed it is extremely busy proving to East Germans that integration of the two countries was a great choice for them. To prove their point, they are working hard in destroying anything good that was in the Czech Republic, East Germany’s economically equally strong past partner in Eastern Europe. They are doing it just to show the East Germans the contrast between how much better is their integration compared to how their partner country ended up, or what would happen to East Germany if it was not integrated into West Germany.


Unfortunately the East Germans are getting fooled, just as the Czechs are. There was no need to be West-Germanized. Both West and East Germany had their good and bad points. It would have been much better if they would have combined the good points. But that would not suit the West German rich and powerful, as well as not rest of the Western world, which does not want to allow a better system than theirs to emerge; the current status quo works out for them very well.


If East Germany would stay independent, it would in no way participate in colonization of Czech Republic. It would have excellent relationship with this country, based on equality. East Germany would be able to attract lots of West Germans and other Westerners that are not happy with the social order in the West and would appreciate what the East had to offer – cities with no crime, no drugs, no problematic emigrants, no STD epidemics, no violence in TV or the movies, etc.


Previous chapters include analysis on how much better would life in Czech Republic be, if the country was not colonized-globalized by the West. The same goes for East Germany. It could have been economically just as well off as the Czech Republic could have been, maybe even better, in any case the people there could have been happier than the West Germans. Now the life, in where the East Germans live, is considerably worse than in the Western part and most people are dissatisfied with how things turned out. One of the reasons for this dissatisfaction is naturally the push for being thin, extroverted, famous, powerful, rich, and trivial; all these things cause stress.


Once Communism ended, a lot better era could have emerged, with a lot nicer German relations with other countries. The East Germans would not colonize anyone and West Germans would refrain from it too, as they would compete with East Germans, trying to show their best image.




Rest of Central & Eastern Europe


You can improve conditions in these countries as many times as you can in the Czech Republic. Since you would start with a lower standard than the Czechs had, you would end up with a lower improved level than in the Czech Republic, but eventually over a long time period, the potential of all these countries would be similar. There would naturally be competition among these various states. I have originally shown Czech Republic as an insolated case, but there should be room for enough improvement in all the countries in this region. Following are a few examples.






It is unfortunate that Czechoslovakia broke into two countries. This kind of breakup needed to require popular support, a referendum. No two politicians that were able to hold good positions during the Communist era should have been able to split a country. Only dictators like Hitler have worked on things like that. There should be a national referendum in both countries – if they should reintegrate and under what conditions, e.g. some kind of a federation. If they should decide to do so, which is now not really likely, the national symbol should again be lion, indicating unity, not four different symbols, indicating separatisms. The two languages should again be Czech and Slovak. There should be pressure to integrate the Polish and Hungarian minority, just like integration is done in the US, Germany, etc. There is no reason to weaken the state by giving autonomy to everyone.




Poland & Hungary


These countries should again integrate better into social, economic and political community with the other two Visehrad (V4) countries of Czech Republic and Slovakia. These states, plus East Germany, which no longer exists, were always the most developed ones in the Eastern Block. They should work in unison, in synergy, as their interests are very similar. They had extremely close political, social, and economic ties for nearly half of a century. There was no reason to destroy this bond.


If a foreign truck wants to pass into and throughout this region and Austria has strong policies to keep these trucks out, the V4 could together collect a lot higher tolls from this unhealthy, environmentally damaging traffic than if they approach the problem individually, competing against each other. This is an example of how by working together, they would all gain. It is also my belief that Austria, just as Czech Republic and Poland should be used as a transit state. The four Visehrad countries should also have a common defense policy, in addition to their NATO membership.


Unfortunately it was the Czech rightist pro-American politician Vaclav Klaus, whose economic and environmental ideas are same as those of Bush that was most instrumental in weakening ties within V4 and it is the same politician that has been an outspoken critic of EU integration. Weaker EU suits primarily American, certainly not Central and Eastern European interests.


Not properly integrated EU suits well Western European states. During a future depression, improper integration may prevent loss of jobs to the East and if Eastern Europe gets devastated in a nuclear conflict, then in a not properly integrated Europe, West will not have to be helping much with the hardship. The non-integration however goes against Czech and other Eastern European interests. What is interesting is that against this integration is ODS, a party that is connected with Klaus. Also against it are the Communists, which helped Klaus to become president. What Klaus promised them in return, no one knows.




Yugoslavia (Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Etc.), Romania, Bulgaria


Yugoslavia had one of the greatest potentials among the other Eastern European countries, due to its geographic position at the Mediterranean Sea, to attract the most retirees from Western European countries. The potential was much higher than that of the Czech Republic. What is most important for that region is to stabilize fully its political situation, get rid of any tensions whatsoever, so that the retirees would feel safe there. Naturally the West, which wants their retirees to spend their pensions and savings at home, would not be very happy about these potential retirement prospects in countries that used to form Yugoslavia. Actually the wars that ranged there in the past served the West very well. When it comes to Western retirees, Bulgaria and Romania too have a great potential.











Russia must not be approached in the antagonistic way that is common for the Czech and other post-Communist regimes. Russia is not any worse than the United States. On the contrary; it is in no way as aggressive as America. The Russians are Slavs, which means that they are more wholehearted and sensitive people than are the Germanic nations that are now controlling most of the developed world.


Russia must be integrated into European Union. The moment it gets integrated, European Union will become the most powerful region of the world, and naturally also the largest one. Russia’s other advantage will be its fairly low population density.


Russia has vast amounts of natural resources – and has the nuclear arsenal that will stop any aggressor. Integrating Russia would give Europe true independence. Europe can in return help in developing Russia to make it as advanced economically as Western Europe is.


If Europe would integrate with Russia and then would become independent of the United States, the US would become less aggressive, because they would have some true competition. When a reasonable government starts to rule the US, not the Bush’ administration, then the various regions, like Europe, USA, China, Australia, etc., can start forming a world federation of states. One must not be tough with China either. One should not use force and pressure on it. We must attempt to integrate it peacefully instead.



Western Europe and Australia


People in Western Europe are quite content. They have enough food to eat and live quite comfortably. The Eastern Europeans and Asians are working hard for low wages to make life in the West as good as it is. So there is no big desire for change in the West. Still the Western Europeans are not happy with crime, drugs, and undesirable inassimilable emigrants, which are present there in large numbers, while new ones are still entering their countries.


There should not be confrontations with the “enemy”, especially when the enemy was artificially created, as it was in Iraq, Afghanistan, is now beginning to happen with China and will be happening with Russia. Gorbachev offered the US peace and nuclear disarmament. The US was not interested. Now, with the type of confrontational policy, that the Bush’ administration developed, the world is again inching closer to a brink of a world war.


Globalized Eastern Europe is a time bomb that could explode during the next economic crisis, which will come, as the capitalist economy does have major and minor cycles. The major ones are depressions.


Western Europe should embrace ideas of this book or ideas that are similar. It should work towards world peace. It should help developing nations, not globalize-neocolonize them and suck out everything it can from them. Only then will the current Europeans and their future generations live in peace, on a planet that is not destroyed in a way that it will no longer be able to sustain life anymore.


Where the world is heading and the way Europe is just closing its eyes to what is going on, the world’s largest catastrophe could happen in not too distant future! We need to make serious changes, change our direction, and we need to do it now, so that in the near future Earth – our home – will not become a desolate lifeless planet, but instead a thriving place where life will forever be wonderful.


Westerners are being scared with Communism, with terrible conditions in Eastern Europe during the Communist era, and it was proven to them again and again, in schools and in media, that their way of life is the best. It is life where there is pressure on men to take on women’s roles, women to act as men, where one has to be “thin” to be “in”, where epidemics of incurable STD’s developed and rate of these infections is increasing, where AIDS patients have the right not to disclose their disease and spread it further under a pretense of human rights, while human rights of those, who catch the disease from them are ignored. There is an omnipresent pressure to confirm, not to discuss politics and not to disclose one’s political affiliation, pressure to spend money, spend more than one earns, pressure to act in extroverted manner, even if one is a total introvert. All this creates stress and makes people some 3x less happy than their potential is – it was demonstrated in one of the previous chapters. As a result overall satisfaction in life, despite having many material things, is low, lower even than in some developing nations that the Westerners colonize. If income from these neocolonies would not be feeding us Westerners, level of material things we could afford would not be higher than what the Eastern Europeans had before the fall of Communism.


All this calls for a radical change. One does not need to colonize/globalize foreign nations to live a happier life. One must be taught to enjoy art, to have empathy, and must be encouraged to be open – to discuss politics and other issues openly. Art, culture, sport participation, empathy, freedom to be open about anything – these things can bring a lot more pleasure than material world can.


The globalization process does help the neocolonial powers in short term, but in long term only leads to world tension and future conflicts, which none of us, except the very richest, may be able to survive.



Middle East


The Middle East is the most explosive region right now. If US attack Iran, it will be with neutron bombs. The turmoil was set in place after the oil embargo of 1973-74, when United States wanted to invade this region. Eventually it did not, because of worries of an international backlash. Now that a cowboy in cahoots with the military complex heads the US, and Soviet Union no longer exists, the invasion just went into its preparatory standby phase.


The only way I can see that these problems can be resolved is if the Arabs, Iranians, etc. unite, but in a peaceful way, and if they start to fully realize that the polarization between the Sunni and Shiite factions is artificially created. They must also come to reality with power of the US. They must make peace with Israel. If they lose land in the process; if they will have to forgo any kind of revenge, fine, anything is better than having the US wiping out most of the Islamic population with neutron bombs. The neutron bomb the US used at the Baghdad airport was not only a test, but also a warning.


These Middle Eastern nations should realize that unlike other countries in history, Israel did not annex in wars any lands permanently and that the Arab population in Israel enjoys a lot more democracy, freedoms, human rights and human treatment than Arabs do generally in Islamic Middle Eastern countries, including those that want to wipe out Israel from the surface of Earth.


If these Israeli Arabs lack some rights, it is due to tensions in this region. Israel must protect its people the best it can, and it does so in a lot more human manner than its neighbors do. It was the Arab nations that were going to destroy Israel in well planned wars that they lost. It is the Islamic countries that support guerrilla fight against the Jews. They should grasp the reality, make peace with Israel, and start taking care of their own problems, creating equal rights for women, not consider them as second class citizens, where their vote is only equal to half vote of a man, etc.


These nations should embrace equal rights for all and should start rapid democratization and liberalization of their countries. They have to look at Syria and Lebanon of the past as their examples. These countries are or were quite successful in their modernization efforts. The Arabs, Iranians, Kurds, etc. must become well educated – and that includes women too. This is the foundation for future survival and success. Otherwise once the oil reserves are depleted, hunger will settle in, except for the ruling factions, which would have left their countries by then, as their trillions are already well invested in the West, the US particularly; that is why the US does not really mind much the high oil prices; the money that they pay for oil is coming back to them in the form of investments. An excellent movie, Syriana, gives us an excellent overall picture of the Middle East.


US must approach the Arab nations in a lot more acceptable manner. It can’t invade countries because of their oil and natural gas reserves, under pretense of fighting terrorism and getting rid of non-existent weapons of mass destruction. The US is a lot more of an enemy to the Islamic countries than Israel is. A cowboy in White House makes the whole human race a lot closer to extinction.


There is one more problem that has to be dealt with. That is the problem of hate, hate of the Jews, Americans, etc. Islamic countries must come in grips with reality and use their totalitarian governments to wipe out hate, not to feed it. Peace with the US must be negotiated, when hopefully Obama is in White House. The US should offer peace in exchange for promise of the Islamic nations to wipe out hate in their countries. If they don’t wipe out their hate and adversary relation to the US and Western culture as a whole, they must realize that next time not some wacko from Texas could be sitting in the White House, not someone stupid, but someone super smart, someone who is evil and psychopathic, someone who will believe that he will save the world by wiping out all Islamic nations, with push of a button. Bang! 30 minutes, and they are all gone! Islamic nations should come to grips with reality; they should stop provoking the US!





North Korea


North Korea finds itself in an extremely difficult position. It must firmly align itself with China as much as possible and dismantle its nuclear program; otherwise the US will eventually attack it. In the future there could be more hawkish US presidents than Bush is.


What is complicating the North Korean situation is the powerful South Korea, which serves as a showcase to the North – how great the capitalist system is. It serves similar function as West Germany did to the Eastern European states before the fall of Communism. North Korea should embrace the kind of democratic principles this book describes and if at all possible, North and South Koreas should be integrated, with the newly developed country taking the best from each of the two states. As I already said, before this happens, North Korea must align itself closer with China. It would give them better security and better bargaining power.



China and Taiwan


Taiwan does belong to China. The US must make itself clear in this respect. Once the US shows bigger weakness in Iraq, Iran, and elsewhere, starts putting embargos on China, and there will happen an unfavorable situation in Taiwan – for instance, if it will become clear that election results were falsified, it will give a green light to China to take what is rightfully theirs, especially at a time when the world will be sanctioning China for Tibet, etc. and as a result a militant Chinese regime would emerge. When China invades Taiwan, sanctions imposed by the West will become tremendous; Chinese goods will be boycotted and the US will prevent Chinese access to oil, unless they back off, which, because of their pride, they will not. The sanctions will halt exports from China, which will as a result face a total economic collapse. This is one of the possible scenarios. In quest for oil and natural resources, China will fight for undersea oil fields in the disputed offshore territories, and may eventually invade other countries, in a WW3, which it will lose. Unfortunately for all of us, the conflict with China will become nuclear.


China must be wise to avoid invasion of Taiwan at any cost. It must support a movement for peace, true democracy and freedom, the way I describe it in this book, or in some similar fashion, and it must create a much stricter population control. One child per family must be the absolute maximum. That is the only way to get things under control. The country does not need more people; it needs smarter and stronger people, and a lot of modern machinery to make production efficient. This should be China’s future. A lot smaller population will mean better self-sufficiency in energy, natural resources, etc. Future wars, if any, will not be won with larger armies, but with more sophisticated weapons. The large population China has is its biggest obstacle to true power, energy self-sufficiency, and prosperity.



Japan: The Sony Example


I will use Sony, one of the top technology companies, to demonstrate mistakes made by a number of major Asian corporations, which are not able to increase their company image, market share, and market efficiently their quality, but not necessarily optimally positioned, products in the West.


Japan was allowed to excel technologically after WW2, primarily to serve as an example to China, that the capitalist system is better. Now the US needs Japan’s technology, which it uses in its weapons systems. Japan must be an equal partner to the US in all negotiations. Here is an example of a high tech company, Sony, whose late founder and CEO, Mr. Akio Morita, advocated for Japan equal partner status with the US:


Sony was born out of the ashes of WW2 Japan to become the world’s most progressive electronics giant. It started as a garage-type operation, making rice cookers. A few years later they made Japan’s first, world’s second, transistor radio. Quality and innovation eventually resulted in the fact that Sony created practically all video formats. The larger Matsushita (Panasonic) and its subsidiary JVC were successful with the VHS format only. Nowadays, when we look into TV studios worldwide, or into digital film productions, one brand that dominates is Sony; no other company is capable to match Sony quality in these applications. Sony for decades never even bothered checking what the competition is doing. They developed new consumer electronics concepts, technologies and markets. The competition was incapable to make products as small and as good, so no company even tried to go head on against Sony; the ones who tried, failed.


That was when Akio Morita was alive. He co-authored a book in Japan. It pushed for strong independence from the United States. It was never officially translated to English; still it sent chills through American political circles. The book said that Japan should be free to sell its technology to whomever it wishes, even to Soviet Union, and that the US military power would be crippled without Japanese technology. It did not take long and Mr. Morita suffered a stroke. Sony at that time owned Columbia Records and Columbia Pictures, which were US companies.


After Morita’s death, Sony became mismanaged. A past CBS newsman, Howard Stringer headed Sony’s US operations. This Welshman made it to the top of CBS first, then eventually to top of Sony US and eventually to top of Sony (worldwide). He replaced Nobuyuki Idei, who mismanaged Sony while Stringer headed US operations.


During the Idei-Stringer Empire, Aiwa, which Sony bought in the past and built into a major electronics brand, was losing money big time. So Sony took 100% control of the company and changed the logo from Aiwa to Aiva. As this logo was meaningless, they had to put stickers Aiwa on the front panel, where the Aiva logo was located. Instead of increasing image of Aiwa, they lowered it further, besides the logo change, by selling low cost Sony products under this brand, via mass merchandisers. Idei developed a new high-end brand, Qualia. Stringer killed it. Aiwa, when Morita ran the company, was an independent brand. “Aiva: and Qualia were Sony brands. Prior to killing the Qualia brand, regular rebadged Sony camcorder was included in the Qualia product line. That degraded the Qualia brand image. Sony’s image, once one of the most valuable brands, was by that time being run to lower and lower by Sony’s management.


Sony’s high image was destroyed primarily by its acquisition of Columbia and by associating the Sony brand with Columbia low image products that included lowlife music and films that promoted violence, anti-Christian values, promoted black, gay, and transgender artists that did not go well with majority of the consumer community.


I am not going to cover all the details, but what is going on at Sony surely looks like the company is still being mismanaged. Idei was well aware of negative campaigns, being run indirectly by competitors in US and other Internet discussion forums. Stringer, whose native language is English, must have been aware that Aiva is not Aiwa, however it is not known if Idei consulted him on the logo change or not.


Anyone should realize that it is meaningless if Sony’s movie division makes money, if as a result the company would lose much more in the long run, because the movies would destroy the electronics division’s high image.  


Sony under wrong management failed to sufficiently develop new markets, totally lost to e.g. Apple’s iPod. It failed to make decent cost-competitive digital filmmaking cameras, slowly giving up a big chunk of its market share to a startup Red. It failed to support its Aiwa and Qualia brands, which were needed, so Sony products could be marketed more efficiently; as a result it needed to join with competitors to set standards and/or share with them licensing fees. That included mainly the HDV, AVCHD, and Blu-Ray video formats.


There are many other areas, where Sony’s image was run to ground, while media applauded to the management, which was making Sony, a brand that was once loved by everyone, into nearly as hated a brand as Microsoft, especially after the root-kit fiasco, where Sony CD’s allowed computers to be infected with viruses.


What Stringer is now doing is not enough. It is moving Sony into bigger short-term profits, but true vision is lacking. Sony was so mismanaged that any half-decent manager would be able to improve things, so Stringer should earn no applause for his success. Totally new creative leadership is the only way to give Sony back its one-time top image and make a line behind past mistakes. No more root kits, no more controversial movies with Sony’s name on them, no more shoddy quality batteries and CCD’s, and no more profanity in Sony-labeled movies and music. Most of all creative efficient Internet marketing must be omnipresent, not lagging 10 years behind competition; push into software development and marketing must be much more intense. A clean-cut technology company that is most innovative must emerge again. It actually could own media companies that are associated with certain type of language and morals, but it must never put its name on these labels or their products; it must distance itself from them as much as possible. Sony should learn from Disney; films that show violence, use bad language, etc. are released under labels that are still owned by Disney, but no one associates them with the Disney brand. What Stringer is in my opinion doing is typical for US managers; he goes for short-term profits, which is, especially in case of Sony, very wrong.




India, Pakistan, Etc.


India must totally abolish its cast system. It must bring under control spread of infectious diseases like tuberculosis. It does need to copy a lot of the things China did and is doing. It needs to realize that it will never match China in its quest for technological superiority and it will never totally outdo Pakistan in its nuclear capability, because there will always be someone, who will supply Pakistan with more nuclear weapons, just to keep India in check. Both India and Pakistan must realize that they may be played against each other by much more powerful forces than they imagine. If a nuclear war would start at the India-China-Pakistani border, it would be one of the greatest disasters and it may instantly spread to other regions. We must not forget that it was during Nixon’s Republican administration that the US government developed a theory that regional nuclear conflicts are good for the US.




Latin America


USA now, together with the past European colonial powers, is globalizing-neocolonizing the previous European colonies of Latin America; inside these countries members of the oligarchies can do whatever they want. They are untouchable by law, while these police regimes enforce the wishes of the globalizing powers and their corporations. Death squads, dictators, no human rights – that is most of Latin America. The police, and especially the secret police, have the power to kill, to torture, and to rape. At the same time US Republican President Reagan thanked these “democracies” for helping him invade Granada.


Mexico was the model when West was “helping” form Czech “democracy”. The German-owned Czech press talked about positive attributes of the murderer Pinochet, indirectly getting the Czechs ready to accept a similar dictatorship.


The globalization must end in Latin America. The ones who rule ruthlessly this part of the world should be pardoned. Without Western support these regimes would have failed long time ago. The West is responsible for their installment and life-support. The West must help in dismantlement of these repressive governments. Bush’ administration celebrated hanging of Sadam. Why are they then supporting equally bad dictators and oligarchs in Latin America and elsewhere?


Noriega of Panama is now in US prison for life. Sadam was executed. Neither of these dictators, who were for a long time CIA agents, can talk. More dictators, who were CIA agents and wanted to talk, were silenced, some in much uglier manner. This is unfortunate. The CIA, and America, must certainly change its ways. It will not happen if the most important first hand witnesses are stopped from talking. They need immunity in exchange for telling what they know. Only when the truth becomes public, the US military-industrial complex would be forced to change, would begin to lose its power and there would be a lot better chance to have a lasting worldwide peace, without people like Nixon and Bush leading the free world into slavery.




Cuba, Venezuela, Etc.


Bush called Cuba an evil country and Fidel Castro an evil dictator. The US has put a tremendous pressure on this beautiful island. Cuba basically has two choices. It either gives in to the US demands and the communists will be able to put on different coats, will become capitalists, and Cuba will become a newly globalized nation, just as it happened in the countries of Eastern Europe. If not, then Cuba will be subjected to constant sabotage of anything they do and if they do not crumble, a reason would be found and it will be invaded, most likely when a wider world conflict develops.


So what is Cuba to do? It can naturally align itself with another superpower – but which one? The only major superpower is the United States. The other ones, much smaller superpowers, are now all more or less cooperating with the US.


If US did not make these demands on other countries – to push on them their social, political, and economic model, or rather the one that CIA perfected in the banana republics; if they did not push on other countries the US way, which includes selective deaths to the non-cooperating rulers – regimes like Cuba would have transformed long time ago. A lot more liberal form of Communism would have emerged there. It would be rather socialism, which would be harmless and similar to socialism in Czechoslovakia during the 1968 Prague Spring. Unfortunately the US does not want this to happen. It needs to conquer – and colonize the subdued nations. Since Fidel Castro no longer heads Cuba, his brother does, changes are occurring already. Raul Castro will have a tough future in front of him.


The Eastern Europe is a perfect example of how Communist rulers can save their lives and become very wealthy and powerful, when they agree to globalization. But no decent patriotic leader would allow that. Only the worst, spineless ones can embrace something so awful, or it could be allowed by a leader that has no clue what is going on and will happen. I don’t know what kind of person Raul Castro is, but even he will sooner or later be replaced. The Bush’ or similar administration may poison him; who knows! The US administrations planned to do that with Fidel Castro on a number of occasions. If his mysterious illness was a result of such an ugly act is something we will never find out. The Texas-(b)rain-man Bush and his equals are capable of agreeing to much more despicable acts. When a leader of one of the African nations claimed that he is a CIA agent, his private parts were cut off and stuffed in his throat. He was never allowed to tell what he knew. Welcome to “democracy” and “democratic principles”.


There is an option for Cuba, although risky. The option is to align itself as much as possible with China and Russia. The US claims that Communism is evil and that the US’ and Latin America’s types of “democracies” are the only ways to go. If Cuba chooses true democratic way, a way that is much more democratic than the US or Czech “democracies” are, then United States will lose their arguments. Still it would be a very difficult road, but I believe that this is the best solution for Cuba. It would get rid of sanctions imposed on it and it will be able to show the world that it not only is not an evil state, but that it is a state that others should look up to. The close proximity of the US would mean not only great income from tourism, but also likelihood that many American retirees would be moving to this beautiful island and spending their dollars there. 


What is Venezuela to do? It should align itself more with China, but China will lose in the long term. It should also align itself more with Russia. Other advice is similar to the one given to Cuba, although both countries are now in more less a “no win” situation. Venezuela’s long term prospects are, I believe, worse than Cuba’s. The next American president will be, I believe, a Democrat, so things will quiet down a little. As to for how long, no one knows. A president can be killed and replaced instantly without notice. The military-industrial complex has its proven methods.


(Note: I wrote the above in the past editions. Since that time, due to Bush’ anti-Russian stance, Russia is helping both Cuba and Venezuela militarily.)





African countries must no longer be neocolonized by the globalists. They need to instigate strong education, support for freedom, democracy, and prosperity. In an interim period they should institute a similar form of Communism that China did – a communist political system combined with a capitalist economic one. The Communist system is needed to educate the population, bring under control population growth, diseases, etc. Only after achieving these goals should these countries become democratic. Meanwhile alignment with Russia and China is needed in order to protect these future true democracies from subversion by Western secret services, from wars being waged against them by neighboring Western puppet regimes, etc.


The secret services of US and past colonial powers must stop supporting the dictatorships and oligarchies that allow Africa to be exploited, while tens of millions of innocent Africans are dying for foreign interests. United Nations’ control of most of Africa may have to be initiated until things get stabilized. AIDS and other diseases need to get under control; strong animal spices preservation effort must be instituted, etc. Small assembly plants will need to be built there to jump start their economies.


Developed nations must genuinely help Africa; exploitation by the West must end now!



Most Important


Asia, Latin America, and Africa must be freed from the evil of globalization and they need exceptionally strong population control. If a mild form of Communism is necessary to achieve these goals in some countries, it should be OK’d by the West, not frown upon, subverted, and destroyed.


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Web není dosud dokončen či opraven a bude postupně dokončován a upřesňován, proto může obsahovat nesprávné výrazy, popisy lidí, situací, atd., za něž se autor omlouvá. Nejnovější verze webu je vždy ta nejsprávnější. Berte jakákoli autorova negativní slova o ČR, vládě, politicích, jiných polistopadových prominentech, či o komkoli či čemkoli jiném, jako autorovo podezření a ověřte si fakta. Autor se snaží ukázat, jak věci v ČR vidí a jak by na ně reagovali západní Evropané, či Američané, kdyby ti lidé, co vládnou nám, vládli přes čtvrt století jim, tak jak  vládnou u nás. Autor v žádném případě nepropaguje jakýkoli převrat, ozbrojené povstání, atd. Když o něčem v podobném smyslu píše, je to jenom varování našim elitám, že pokud nezačnou vést pronárodní politiku, něco takového by se v zemi mohlo stát. Autor věří tomu, že toto varování stačí a že to co zde uvádí napomůže k tomu, aby se režim sám začal napravovat. Celý web je psán v duchu tohoto odstavce. Kde to zní jinak, co je v tomto odstavci platí. Email s dotazy nebo komentáře k tomuto webovému serveru zašlete na adresu: TomanJoseph@gmail.com.

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