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MBA a jiné diplomy ze škol se západní tradicí, obyčejně lepší než jsou naše, po stipendiu za často poloviční školné než u nás a můžete studovat distančně v ČR v ČJ. Navíc mnohé nejsou na rozdíl od našich tolik matematicky náročné. Máte-li zájem, kontaktujte mě, pomohu vám.

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Book 2020 Introduction US Propaganda Political Systems Fixing Democracy Fixing Our Lives Fixing the Economy Life Enjoyment Globalization Fixing the USA End to Globalization Fixing Other Countries The Future Conclusion Appendix




Crime and Drugs


  • Criminals will be sent to work farms, where they, if they are healthy enough, will have to work 12 hours a day, 6 days a week and will undergo extensive behavioral therapy. Hypnosis and other innovative methods will be used in reprogramming their minds. Part of the 12-hour work schedule can be used for schooling, should the criminal prefer that. Sentences will be shorter than they are now. After release they’ll have to wear GPS tracking bracelets for as long as needed, plus jobs will be available to them.
  • Severe sanctions will be imposed on countries that produce drugs or are conduits for drug trafficking.
  • Both drug use and distribution will be illegal. Use, sale, and distribution will be severely punishable, unless the guilty person leads the police to his or her suppliers.
  • Drug rehabilitation will include nonstandard methods like natural detoxification, long term fasting in a controlled environment, blood transfusions in heroin and similar addictions, and hypnosis.
  • The media has created an aura among a great part of the society that drugs are OK, or that they should even be legalized. Don’t believe such propaganda; get instead to know someone, who believed such nonsense and now is unable to function properly in our society, has no motivation to finish college, etc. This disability often continues even after kicking the habit and detoxification.
  • Drug glorification by the media, direct or not, must become severely punishable.
  • Although one can be happy without drugs, drugs can create a short term euphoria, but then eventually the effect wears out and life, when one is not on a high dose, becomes quite miserable. It does not take long and the euphoria achieved by taking drugs becomes lower than euphoria, which one can attain without drugs, providing the drugless person has always been drug-free.
  • Even marijuana is causing brain function changes and the person, who has experienced with it long enough loses willpower and as a rule the ability to be successful compared to if he has not ever tried it. Parents usually don’t learn this until it’s too late.




  • Schools will teach students effectively how to lead good honest lives.
  • Children need to learn discipline, good morals, and job and life skills.
  • Audio-visual aids will be used extensively – as well as visits to various factories, historical sites, museums, live theater performances, other countries, etc. Lectures and workshops by various professionals will be given, e.g. by architects, scientists, artists, psychologists, filmmakers, etc.
  • Pupils will be separated from an early age on into the following educational groups – general, art, science, and manual skills.
  • There should be a worldwide push for English to be written phonetically; this would be the new English form; learning the old form would be optional. This will speed up the learning process, especially in English-speaking countries, by several years. Learning spelling is not suitable for the youngest pupils; eliminating the archaic spelling drills would make studies more interesting and a lot less boring than they are now.
  • Pronunciation of American English particularly is changing with speed of talk. Proper, slow-talked English should be used in the phonetically written form.
  • One type of English must become the international language standard – it should be either British or American English.
  • There are many types of phonetic alphabets used by different dictionaries. One that will be the simplest to write will be created. Hooks, accent marks, etc. over vowels could be used to distinguish the various shades of pronunciation, just as they are used in Czech and other languages.
  • Dual-alphabet signs and publications, “phonetic” and “archaic”, will be used until the phonetic written form of English becomes well established.








  • Religious rights must be guaranteed, but not for religions and groups, which worship the devil and those that brainwash their members to serve not God, but their crooked religious leaders.
  • If one believes in evolution he or she should try to think about genetic coding of cells. The genetic code is a program – firmware – which certainly appears to have been created. Most refer to this creator as God.
  • Religion plays an important role in our modern society. The kids especially are nowadays exposed to wrong role models, bad ethics, early sex, and STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases). If they would be religious, they would have a preprogrammed guidance in their mind to recognize what is good and right and what is wrong. This belief system can guard them to a great extent from catching an STD, from drugs, and crime, etc. It allows them to fight peer pressure that could turn out to be disastrous. In today’s society a child needs every crutch he can get. Religion is the strongest crutch.
  • A religious adult has a comfort knowing that a better world awaits him after death. Basically, you do not have to believe in God, but if you look at the world around you, you must for sure notice that your kids, if they were believers, would benefit greatly. Even if the world would become all good, religion still has a positive impact on one’s psyche.
  • There are negative aspects associated with some religions. The extremely powerful Catholic Church has a quite dark past, which spans from the medieval times all the way to WW2. If you don’t believe it, check the Internet, read books about the Jesuit order, etc. You will learn something quite different than is the official church’ propaganda. Catholic Church has not cut itself from these ghosts fully. One needs to study history and politics of the church to understand the power structure, to know why Pope has the absolute power, why the church has such conservative outlook on the world, as well as why it has some rules that make no sense. It has little to do with religion, bible, or Jesus.
    • There were always liberal movements within the church, movements by priests who studied the bible and interpreted it differently than the conservative Jesuits, with their thrust for power. In Vatican Council of 1870 was a vote about Papal Infallibility. At that time there were 917 dioceses. Dioceses are administered by bishops. Participants of only 433 dioceses voted for the infallibility of Pope. Many of those who voted were not even bishops; 4/5 were Italians. Because of this vote, the church has until now been able to crush progressive movements within itself, has not modernized, has not reformed, teaches archaic doctrines that feed its power-hunger, does not allow use modern birth-control methods, is against abortions, does not allow priests to marry, etc. These doctrines, which have nothing to do with bible, are often responsible for suffering among the poor, because they help create large poor families, however they serves well the church’ drive for power, as they help to create more members, which support the political candidates that the church wants them to.
    • As the vote of 1870 was highly questionable legal-wise, considering Catholic Church’ internal governing at that time, and because basically the vote only represented desires of the conservative Italian section of the church, the Popes and the Jesuits order have no real mandate to keep the Church and its teachings so archaic, so remote from progress, so remote from modern times. It has no right to suppress progressive movements within the church.
    • What is needed is for the progressive priests that do not agree with these incorrect doctrines is to establish a new parallel Catholic Church, which would be truer to the bible, truer to how Jesus wanted religion to be, would cut itself from the church’ dark past and would take into consideration the modern era environment. This is also needed in order so that the church becomes a lot more popular, especially among young people. The old Catholic Church has to meanwhile take a look at its archaic teachings, at the lacking mandate for its conservatism, its incorrect approach to bible interpretation, and it should reform itself, eventually rejoining with the new progressive Catholic movement and eventually even main Protestants movements. There is no reason why bible has to be interpreted differently by the Catholics than it is by other, less power hungry churches.


Health and Environment


  • All politicians will agree to fight for clean unpolluted environment and healthy, nutritious, live foods, not chemical nutrition that is responsible for disease, obesity, and genetic damages. All nations must cooperate in making our planet Earth, which is our home, a beautiful and healthy place to be born, to live happy lives, grow old, and eventually die from an old age, not from a disease.
  • During the Reagan’s era, going by the market economy principles, where everyone needs to take care of himself and no one should rely on the state, STD controls became more or less eliminated. Prior to that, when someone became infected with an STD, the transmission chain was traced and everyone in this chain was treated. What resulted from the Reagan administration’s move is that most people in the US are now infected with an incurable STD. We now have, in the US, areas with epidemics of incurable deadly gonorrhea, incurable deadly syphilis, incurable deadly tuberculosis, and naturally communities, where most people already died of AIDS. It is absolutely clear that the current policies are wrong and that strict STD and infectious disease controls must be established. Check this site: www.xdrtb.org.
  • In Eastern Europe infectious diseases were extremely well under control. In Czechoslovakia there was a strong push to eliminate them before WW2, during WW2, and after WW2, until the Communist regime fell and controls became laxed or removed. As a result these diseases are quickly moving to the awful levels that now exist in the US.
  • When it comes to health, one cannot rely on doctors to help him stay healthy – and on supermarkets to buy healthy foods. Doctors are taught to provide crisis medicine. They are excellent at that. Supermarket sell you chemical nutrition, because it is easier to produce, store, and as a result less expensive to sell. You need to look at your body as a complex chemical instrument that needs proper ingredients to function properly, or it will break down and fail. You need to feed it with the ingredients, which are right for it! You get these in natural organic foods. If you have a garden, grow your own!
  • You should also have your thyroid examined, especially if you carry extra weight. In countries and areas located far from the ocean, iodine substitution in the form of sea plant supplementation, like kelp, is highly recommended, unless of course you have some condition that would prevent you from doing so.
  • Stay away from sweets as much as you can. If you crave them, you could have a hypoglycemia, a condition that the orthodox medicine does not really recognize as a disease or knows how to treat. Slowly withdrawing from eating sweets, under doctor’s supervision, is highly recommended. You may get withdrawal symptoms, but eventually you should feel considerably better overall.
  • Take multivitamins, extra vitamin C, and drink a lot of water.
  • List of recommended health books is in the last chapter.


Energy Conspiracy


  • There is an important energy factor that has been ignored by the lighting industry. The factor is color of the light source (lamp), which is referred to as color temperature and is measured in degrees Kelvin. Generally, the higher is this temperature, the higher is visual efficiency. Lower color temperature makes light more reddish; higher one more bluish.
  • It's been known for decades that white-colored light can be up to several times more efficient than the pinkish and yellowish one (high and low pressure sodium lighting), with its low color temperature, which is used worldwide in outdoor applications. The lighting designers, unfortunately, go by guidelines of engineering societies, which make recommendations on what type of lighting is to be used. These societies are highly staffed by engineers who receive paychecks from lighting manufacturers that make bigger profits with the inefficient pinkish and yellowish lighting, which eventually, as a result, ends up on our streets.
  • Because the only real interest corporations have is to make more profits, proper engineering recommendations are not made and so billions of dollars are wasted and too many people die or are seriously injured in accidents due to this improper lighting, which is officially considered to be “the correct one”.
  • This less efficient lighting wastes energy, is responsible for increased dependency on foreign oil, and as a result our environment becomes unnecessarily more polluted.
  • Incorrect lighting, although showing the same light levels as a correct one, can be up to 10-times, in some cases up to 100-times more inefficient than a correctly designed one, due to various factors, like color temperature, color spectrum, pupil-factor, veiling reflections, and direct glare.
  • Dr. Berman is one of the scientists who explained effect of the color temperature phenomenon on visual efficiency. If someone wants to know more, I recommend papers by this researcher on experiments he has done at the Lawrence Berkley Laboratory in California. Other scientists too have for decades been coming out with similar results, at various lighting levels.
  • A number of tests also indicate that the more efficient full spectrum white light is healthier than the warm and cool white lighting that has for decades dominated in the US. These tests were done both in the West and in Soviet Union.
  • Another factor is that people do not have corrected vision, therefore higher than necessary lighting levels are needed in order to help the eyes focus better. That is why free medical care can play a very positive role even in energy conservation. Free eye examinations and glasses decrease accidents, improve work performance, and can indirectly lower our dependence on foreign oil.
  • Foreign-born individuals who lack technical schooling and proper training very often design lighting systems in the US. It suits fine the lighting industry and the electric utilities. The less efficient the system is, the more lights are needed, more energy will be used, and more money will be made. Their concern with efficiency is excluding main elements of the whole picture.
  • Universities and research organizations generally receive their funds from the industry and so for every experiment that demonstrates importance of color, come other experiments, done by the industry financed scientists, which prove otherwise.
  • Lighting has been used as an example. Energy can be saved in many other ways.
  • Nicola Tesla, one of two greatest minds in history of mankind (the other one was Leonardo DaVinci), studied at Prague’s Charles University, where he came from his native Yugoslavia, and at Paris’ Sorbonne. When he was to develop inexpensive energy, his sponsor, a US oil industry magnate J. P. Morgan cut off his funds and his large Denver laboratories were locked up. When he died, FBI entered his home and confiscated all his writings.
  • Until now we celebrate Thomas Edison, not Nicola Tesla. Actually Edison was much less of an inventor than Tesla, who even refused to share a Nobel Prize with Edison. While Edison’s main driving force was money, money meant nothing to Tesla. Despite the fact that Tesla’s alternating current (AC), was much more efficient for energy transmission, the US Congress outlawed it in the US at a time when Edison tried to use his direct current (DC) to inefficiently light up the New World.


Arts, Culture, Film, Television


We must teach people, our kids especially, to be good, have empathy, to enjoy arts and culture, and at the same time strive for better future. This desire must be programmed into everyone’s mind. Arts and culture make people better, more sensitive human beings. Money does the opposite. Our world would be a lot better, a lot more peaceful, if people would have more noble goals than the primitive ones to be rich and powerful.


The average film Hollywood studios make costs about $60,000,000 (USD), plus promotion costs – e.g. $15.000.000. This makes a total of some $75,000,000. At least one-third of that could be saved – from the outrageous star payments and promotion costs. Advertising expenses need to be replaced by Internet surveys of what different types of viewers think of the film. These different viewer groups could be e.g. film artists, parents, kids, romantic comedy lovers, etc., etc. Also posted on the same web site would be what critics have to say. The critics too would be rated, by filmmakers, and by the critics’ readers. Currently reviews are written by critics for magazines, newspapers, TV, etc. and are placed in the same media as studio and theater ads for the same films. As media make money from these ads, critics must write reviews in such a way, as to help the studios, which pay for the ads, otherwise the studios would instead advertise with their competition. As ads will be the way of the past, the critics would be free to write true reviews. It would be seriously punishable for anyone accepting or giving favors in order to create a favorable review. This type of arrangement would make the critics honest, which is what the current system to a great extent prevents.






Portion of the 25 million per movie saved would be used to buy movie production equipment, 3D type included, that would be available to independent filmmakers for rent at an absolute minimum cost, so they would no longer have to pay outrageous rental fees for their tools. Admission costs would be increased on junk films, which is most of what Hollywood now produces – films which educate us and our kids the wrong way. Admission costs on films that teach violence, perverse sex, wrong morals, etc. will be up much higher than admission to see enriching films. These would be subsidized from ticket sales of the junk films. Good movies will cost little to see; Hollywood junk will cost much more than it does now. Theaters will make the same per-ticket-money on the low-cost tickets as on tickets for the expensive films.


People will be able to choose between as many genres as they can today. Quality of films will not be decreased, only enhanced with art, culture, and educational ingredients. As a result kids’ minds will be getting programmed in the right direction. Children will no longer crave so much to see blood and violence and would not be exposed to profanity. They would eventually learn to hate these things. The studios would be forced to make a lot better films; they would respond extremely fast. The ones who would not be able to compete in this new environment do not belong to our society. Independent filmmakers, who are now disadvantaged by the studios, would be able to compete in a much healthier business environment.


I used film as an example. TV programming, CD’s, and events like concerts and live theater would use similar tools to get the system moving in the right direction and to educate our kids and us to be good, not bad.


No commercials or any form of advertising will be present anywhere in film or television. People should enjoy a film or TV program, should not be bombarded with unrelated propaganda. We should learn some good things even from the Communists, not just discard everything they did, or do, as being bad.



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Book 2020 Introduction US Propaganda Political Systems Fixing Democracy Fixing Our Lives Fixing the Economy Life Enjoyment Globalization Fixing the USA End to Globalization Fixing Other Countries The Future Conclusion Appendix



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