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MBA a jiné diplomy ze škol se západní tradicí, obyčejně lepší než jsou naše, po stipendiu za často poloviční školné než u nás a můžete studovat distančně v ČR v ČJ. Navíc mnohé nejsou na rozdíl od našich tolik matematicky náročné. Máte-li zájem, kontaktujte mě, pomohu vám.

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Book 2020 Introduction US Propaganda Political Systems Fixing Democracy Fixing Our Lives Fixing the Economy Life Enjoyment Globalization Fixing the USA End to Globalization Fixing Other Countries The Future Conclusion Appendix






  • All politicians need to work against globalization as we know it, where an industrialized country moves its factories into a developing nation, and while doing so, it helps in creating and maintaining a subordinate regime that is corrupt and does not work in the interest of its own people, while supporting interests of the industrialized country.

·         We need to help the underdeveloped countries with their problems, education, diseases, agriculture, democracy, development of honest governments; we need to create assembly and manufacturing plants there for the benefit of their people, not to take advantage of them.

  • We need to help free all nations affected by unfair globalization policies, whose governments don’t have national, but other interests.
  • All governments need to be patriotic, need to work for interests of their own people, not some foreign power.
  • Each nation needs to develop its national pride and needs to preserve its culture. This will help make up the much needed worldwide cultural diversity, from which we can all learn while creating a federation of states with rich cultural traditions and foundations. Unfortunately with globalization normally comes suppression of national cultures.
  • Full amnesty to those who participate in dictatorial regimes, supported by globalists, will be given in exchange for allowing smooth transition to a free democratic society. These people will also be given a lot of credit for allowing this change. One needs to be brave, open-minded, and good, to give up his powers for the benefit of others. We need to look in their role in a dictatorial regime as something that they may have been forced to do by foreign powers. If they would not have undertaken this task, others could have been executing it a lot more forcefully – with a lot less mercy.
  • We need to work towards world peace and we must stop domination over less powerful nations. This should be our most important goal.
  • If there is a shortage of software engineers, like e.g. in United States, the US must train its own people. Having the demand met by importing these professionals by hundreds of thousands yearly from India and other countries hurts the Americans, because they could take on these jobs themselves. It also hurts the developing nations, which trained their engineers, only to see them stolen by a richer, more powerful country, without compensation to the less developed nation.
  • If you import your scientists, you are raising the brainpower of your scientific community. If you do it in an environment of free competition among all the nations, it is still not fair. If you however globalize some nation first and then take his brainpower, it is despicable.
  • It is extremely unfair if you create a monopoly, like that of Microsoft, and work so hard to push their problematic products onto other nations, including the developing ones, especially if “no cost” open source software alternatives exist.





Mexico – average and above average people living in the city - and in the country




Rules from the Colonial Era


Some of these rules do not apply to colonies as such, but to other countries that had a subordinate role – primarily in the time colonies existed.

·         He, who wins war, writes history.

·         He, who wins war, gets secret services of the losing country under his command.

·         He, who controls secret services of a country, controls the country.

·         Once you control secret services of a country, you soon start controlling the government and the media of that country. Then you can do with that nation more or less whatever you want.

·         You become a world power by paying your secret services very well to take control of secret services of other countries, while at the same time watching carefully to prevent any of your agents to start working for the interests of anyone else but your own.

·         Keep on explaining your people how bad the ones who criticize your system are, how dangerous they are, and how they want to destroy your country and its culture.

·         Make sure the globalized population participates in “democratic” elections, where the candidates, who have a chance of winning, all work for you, or support your policies fully.

·         You must install into power only people who, or whose closest ones, have skeletons in their closets. They will serve you the best and if needed you can always “eliminate them” by having the media expose what’s in the closet.

·         If you can’t win with the force of an argument and you can’t get the secret services of another country fully under your command and make them strong enough, you must find a good reason to invade that country. You must not leave until you establish secret services, government and media that work for you. You make sure that the secret services control all the opposing parties and that the percentage of votes required for a party to get into legislature is high enough so that truly patriotic parties have no chance of gaining any legislative seats.

·         When you control a country, you must demonstrate superiority of your people, your system, and your culture, e.g. in schools, printed media, and the movies that you distribute there, in which you show your country positively, while the controlled country starts producing movies and other media material, which show, indirectly, their society and culture negatively.

·         You should start downgrading the population’s self esteem, national pride, morals, and its cultural heritage.

·         In the country that you control, you constantly stress negatives of that nation, while you teach your own people, and show them on in the movies, etc. that they are the best.

·         While keeping on promoting patriotism in your own country, eliminate it as much as possible in the country that you control.

·         Get the controlled country and its people in debt as much as you can. Your banks will own the debt and with that will be able to exert great power over that nation, especially at times of economic crises, when many companies and people would be defaulting on the debt and their government would have hard time keeping up with its foreign bank obligations.

·         Drugs and drug culture must get promoted to the young. Controls over STD’s and other infection diseases needs to get relaxed, while unnatural sexual practices, infidelity, out-of-wedlock children, etc. should get indirectly encouraged. People, who are ill and need to take care of their own problems, do not have the time and energy to fight government that wrongs them.

·         Increase sugar intake of the population. It will eventually start creating hypoglycemic states. At the same time you must not recognize hypoglycemia as a disease or should not normally test for it. Hypoglycemic patients develop non-diagnosable mental and physical symptoms and as a result will be less likely to do something about their government; they will have enough problems with themselves.

·         Give them food with chemicals, which is also artificially stripped of vitamins and minerals. It will eventually make them fat and genetically damaged. In the long run they will also age faster. These people will be in the future “less of a competition” to the quality of your own people.

·         Divide and conquer! Divide a country into two. Give autonomy to the various regions of each of the newly created countries and support national identity of minorities within those newly created regions, while at the same time you make sure that your own country is a melting pot of all nations – to help create “one nation”.

·         Lower their cultural level by migrating into their country less developed problematic nations and individuals. At the same time, in your own country, create the best possible emigration policies to scientists and other educated people from all over the world.

·         Police work must be curtailed during a transitional period. Once crime starts rising as a result, people will ask for stronger police and that will allow you to develop a police force that will serve your interests the best. Do it in the name of security, in the name of protecting democracy and freedom!

·         If nothing else works, install into power a dictatorial figure who will eliminate for you the opposition leaders, their major supporters, and incarcerate their main followers.

·         Mafias are necessary. They work hand in hand with secret services. They can do their dirty work.

·         Make sure that murder rate is high enough, so that political killings “get lost” in the statistics. Some can be masked as missing people.

·         If the nation is too advanced, sees through your schemes, and it would take too long to subdue it fully, mix it with other, lesser, nations, and/or divide the country not into two, but into more fractions, help them to hate each other and fight. Then you can come in as a winner, installing peace and of course also “proper” new regime.


Examining how Czechoslovakia was globalized after the fall of Communism, it is clear that history certainly repeats itself and that some things never change.


The history teaches us how nations were conquered in the past; how the Native Americans (American Indians) were given alcohol and blankets infected with the infectious disease smallpox, for which they had no immunity, how the Chinese became subdued, when they were given opium, etc. Christianity too did not spread on its own powers, but with sword and fire. Welcome to the new era of globalization! Some things always stay the same!







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Book 2020 Introduction US Propaganda Political Systems Fixing Democracy Fixing Our Lives Fixing the Economy Life Enjoyment Globalization Fixing the USA End to Globalization Fixing Other Countries The Future Conclusion Appendix


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