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Book 2020 Introduction US Propaganda Political Systems Fixing Democracy Fixing Our Lives Fixing the Economy Life Enjoyment Globalization Fixing the USA End to Globalization Fixing Other Countries The Future Conclusion Appendix



Does a Type of Political System Matter?


Contrary to what the establishment is trying to tell us, it is not that important what type of political system a country adopts. What is much more important is that politicians are good human beings and capable patriotic leaders, who care about their country and its citizens. We have seen bad, ruthless communist regimes, like that of Josef V. Stalin and we have seen good ones, like that of Alexander Dubcek. We have seen bad dictatorships, like that of Adolf Hitler, and we have seen good kingdoms, which too are dictatorships, like that of Charles IV, Czech king and Holy Roman Emperor. We have seen good democratic governments, like those in Switzerland, and we have seen bad, corrupted, ruthless ones, like those in some of the third world countries. Despite the fact that even American presidents, e.g. Ronald Reagan, have been referring to these corrupted regimes as “democracies”, they are nothing more than ruthless oligarchies, police regimes, which take from the poor and give to the few privileged ones.


Similar types of “democracies”, although not nearly as bad, were, after the fall of Communism, created, with the help of Western secret services, in Central and Eastern Europe. Western leaders and media have been applauding the “democratic” process. They obviously have extremely low standards.



Socialism vs. Capitalism


Czechoslovakia vs. USA: Examining the time before crumbling of Communism in the Soviet block, we are finding out that while wages in the US were several-fold higher, basic life necessities, like housing, schooling, and medical care were either free or a lot more affordable in the socialist country of Czechoslovakia. The West considered this country to be Communist; however it is debatable if these Eastern European countries were socialist or Communist, despite the fact that they were ruled by Communists. Life in Czechoslovakia was much less stressful – much less money-oriented than in the US. Young couples went together and got married because they were attracted to each other; money normally did not come into the equation at all; in the US the money factor was much more important.


The same goes for students selecting a major they wanted to study. In Czechoslovakia kids signed up for majors in occupations that they would later on enjoy to work in, rather than looking first at the monetary benefits. People were happier overall during the rule of the Communist regime than they were in the US – at least the great majority that stayed away from openly criticizing the government, which, when done in public, would get them into trouble – unless they had some unpopular occupation; in which case the Communists would normally leave them alone. The Czechs had superior job security and retired early with excellent retirement benefits; families lived together; the divorce rate was low. Still there were much better opportunities in America, as well as ability to live a much better life – if one wanted to. However for the average person life in Czechoslovakia was much simpler and much less worrisome. Each system definitely had its pluses and minuses. US critique of the Czechoslovak Communist systems was highly exaggerated. The same can be said of critique of the US system by the Czechoslovak government.




Political Awareness & Freedom


 Czechoslovakia before the Fall of Communism

Democratic USA / Czech Republic

ability to comprehend politics and political trends

High due to excellent education system where all students had to, already in the elementary school, study extensively Czech and international history, geography, literature, etc.

In the US it is low – as the primary and secondary educational system is basically building up strong nationalism and hardly teaches the students anything about the rest of the world; in addition to that it take a number of years for the pupils to be able to read and write English; some are not able to learn it at all. Czech schools, after the fall of Communism, decreased significantly teaching history, significantly lowered academic standards, etc.

political awareness

High political awareness due to strong opposition media of Radio Free Europe, BBC, and other shortwave broadcasts

Low political awareness as people are fed the propaganda of the military-industrial complex via media that is controlled by the same complex; US radios don’t have shortwave bands and the new ones sold in the Czech Republic don’t have them either, while older ones are unusable as the Czech government purposely changed FM broadcast frequencies, so people had to replace their radios.

political freedom

None, the Communist government does not allow opposing political viewpoint in politics; however it tries to do what is good for the people, although not very efficiently

None, except cosmetic; the major parties have the same philosophy, although on the surface they present small differences – mainly in unimportant areas; true opposition parties are excluded via percentage needed to get into legislature. If they do get there, which happens in Czech Republic, there are attempts to outlaw them; and they are constantly attacked by the media, etc.




Problems with Socialism/Communism


I’ll use again Czechoslovakia as an example. It was one of the most successful countries of the Eastern block, not only economically, but also in adopting socialism. The Communists came to power there rather legally, but once they did, they stayed in power for 40 years. In the 50’s Stalin era the Communist regime was extremely conservative and couple hundred people were even executed – for political causes. One of the reasons the Communists were so tough was because there was strong espionage waged against them primarily from Germany; the CIA directed it.


After Stalin died in Russia and the regime became less restrictive, eventually Dubcek and other progressive Communists came to power and the country became very liberal – even by Western standards. Russian and other Communist armies soon crushed this rebellion. Political dissidents were beginning to get persecuted. In a decade Charta 77, lead by Vaclav Havel, was formed. Havel was jailed couple of times, but the conditions were quite laxed compared to the 50’s. He was even able to write part of his works in jail. All Charta 77 members were closely watched by the secret service and e.g. were not allowed to leave their homes during Communist holidays, so they would not disrupt them. If they did not obey the order, they were caught, arrested, and kept in jail for a day or two. The people, who did not get involved with any anticommunist politics lived simple lives and were quite satisfied overall.






The Communists pushed hard for high cultural, educational, medical, and other social standards. Family life was constantly promoted. Religion was frowned upon. Religious people could not study majors like teaching, where they could influence others, especially not the young people. There were plenty of entertainment, cultural, social, and family events, sports, recreation, long vacations and early retirement. In these areas Czechoslovakia was far ahead of the US.


Although the Czechs were quite content, when a Westerner came to Czechoslovakia, he did not feel at unease. The buildings generally lacked color; there were occasional red Communist propaganda signs. The great variety of popular Western music was not present in the Czech radio broadcast, so kids listened to Radio Luxembourg and Radio Monte Carlo, at least the rebellious ones did. The movie shows were extremely inexpensive and people got free tickets at work to go see e.g. Russian movies; still very few went. When an American film was occasionally playing, the theaters were full. People yearned for freedom and the way they saw that West was, the US especially. But hardly anyone’s been to America; hardly anyone’s been to New York, or other American cities. The ones who went there did not talk much about it. If they would say something bad, people would think that it’s Communist propaganda. If they would say too many good things, the Communists would accuse them of a capitalist propaganda.


Czech media talked here and there about homeless in the US, although not many Czechs believed it; when the news mentioned ghettoes, again hardly anyone in Czechoslovakia believed it was true. When they talked about poor people in America, the Czechs thought that it was just Communist propaganda. The Czechs did not like the Communists, nor did they like the Communist restrictions. They hated the inability to travel to the West, the limited freedom of speech they had, etc. Then Gorbachev came to power in Russia and in 1989 Czechoslovakia became democratic again. Unfortunately the joy of freedom and democracy did not last very long; people eventually learned that not only what the Communists were saying of the US was generally not propaganda, but that there is just as much propaganda coming from the opposite side – from the Western part of the political spectrum.


The following is a look at the lifecycle of ordinary people living in Czechoslovakia and in the US – in the late 1980’s – before the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe. This applies to people who were not anti-establishment activists, for whom this table would not apply.


People in Czech Republic did not live in luxury; the stores had limited variety of merchandise – some was in short supply – but overall the Czechs were well adapted to their lifestyles, which gave them a great sense of security and an overall satisfaction, whereas, in the much richer US, job and social insecurities were prevalent, as well as dissatisfaction created by media, which promoted:

  • expensive lifestyles that most people could not afford
  • beauty of anorexic-type bodies that most people could not achieve
  • extroversion that people had to learn, which created stress, while for many it was impossible to achieve
  • etc.









Socialism vs. Capitalism – Comparison – Late 1980's

Czech Republic

20 Yrs Later


Communist Czechoslovakia

Democratic United States

Preschool Age

Kids are exposed to a lot of beautiful fairy tales on TV and in the movies, are free to safely roam neighborhoods and the nature; crime is rare. Moms get 3-year paid maternity leaves to stay with their newborns – have no worries about losing jobs.

Kids are exposed to fairy tales and violence on TV and in the movies; some are exposed to sex videos and media vulgarity. Most have to stay near their homes because of crime and sexual deviants. Although moms get no paid maternity leaves, most get 3 months of job protection.

Violence on TV, sex videos, vulgar media, crime and sexual deviants, moms afraid of job loss; toddler care centers abolished

Eleme-ntary School (first educational step in Czech Rep.)

Because the language is written phonetically, kids learn to read and write in the 1st grade, are exposed to a lot of sports, nature trips, beautiful fairy tales and educational programming on TV, are well behaved, are not obese, none are exposed to drugs or crime.

Kids learn to read and write many words by the 6th grade, are generally exposed to little sports and little nature trips, are exposed to fairy tales, violence, crime, drugs, sex on TV, like to see films with blood, generally are badly behaved and many are obese.

One can finish elementary school without learning how to read & write; crime, violence, drugs, sex and blood on TV; bad child behavior, obesity

Jr. High School (final primary educational step)

Kids study extensively math, physics, chemistry, geography, history, etc. Their education is about as extensive as US Jr. College level. Children are exposed to sports, theater, classical concerts, plus extra curricula courses and activities of choice; all are taught to ski and swim.

Kids keep on improving reading & writing skills, some still can't read and write at the end of 8th grade. They study primarily English, math and "science", are exposed to violence, blood, crime, and drugs on TV, some in real life. Some neighborhoods are infested with armed gangs.

Violence, blood, crime, drugs; kids, without learning how to read and write, can graduate from the primary education system

High School (12th Grade) - Secondary Education

Kids are attending gymnasiums, technical, or art schools. The difficulty level is similar to some US Bachelor degree programs. Most kids are prepared to enter labor force as nurses, technicians, etc. Most learn what love is; most of them have sex. Serious STD's and anorexia are practically non-existent; obesity is rare.

The students, when they finish 12th grade, have about as much knowledge as Czechs have in their 6th. Most experiment with drugs, some are gang members, gangs bully others, many are infected with a serious STD (sexually transmitted disease); some are anorexic; many are fat. Most can’t get quality jobs.

Lower academic standards than during Communism; most kids learn what sex is, but not love, experience with drugs; present are anorexia, obesity, serious STD's

Jr. (2-Year) College, Trade School

Kids, who do not enter high schools, go to trade schools, where they learn for three years an occupation; they always study for one week and the next week work in their profession. The difficulty level is similar to US Jr. College level. Most kids are fully prepared to enter labor force as machine operators, TV repairmen, car mechanics, tailors, highly qualified salesmen, etc.

Students, when they finish Jr. college, have about as much trade knowledge as Czechs have after they finish a trade school, which Czechs finish years earlier; the Czechs also have a lot better overall general education knowledge. Americans can also study general education at the Jr. college, which counts when they transfer to a 4-year college. Czechs learn this general education years earlier.

Educational standards get seriously lowered; even special ed students get accepted to prestigious trade school programs, like e.g. automotive electronics.


The colleges are extremely difficult and the number of spaces available corresponds to the number of future industry openings. Some majors require proper political background. There are no drugs and practically no serious STD's. The degrees earned, after five years, are equivalent to US Masters.

US student studies only 1/2 the number of hours Czech student does. He can choose any major, but there is no guarantee that he will find a job in that field. The students graduate with a Bachelor degree; Masters takes about two years longer. There are drugs and epidemics of serious STD's on campuses.

No guarantee of finding a job in one's field; Bachelor degree is earned after 3 years and has a level similar to Czech secondary education prior to fall of Communism.


Life is not that easy. Both husband & wife work – normally live in a decent apartment, which costs very little. Medical care is free and excellent. Childcare is excellent. Cars are expensive; public transportation is inexpensive and excellent. Variety of goods in stores is limited. Consumer protection is high. People socialize. Homeless people don’t exist. There are jobs for everyone.

Life is easy for some, not for others; great many wives don't work; housing and medical care are expensive; many people can‘t afford health insurance; cars cost little. Childcare quality varies. Variety of goods is superior to Czechoslovakia. Consumer protection is crippled from the time of Reagan administration. People watch TV five hours a day. Many are homeless; divorce rate is high.

Life is very hard for most, apartments are very expensive, childcare availability degraded significantly; homeless people; superior variety of goods


People work hard; generally are all friends at work and have fun together. They have to work. If they refuse to, they would be jailed – unless they’re ill. Their salaries guarantee them simple, but comfortable lives. They stay away from discussing politics at work – still tell a lot of political jokes.

People work hard; the job atmosphere is not very friendly, except on the surface; they are not required to work. There is no job guarantee and workers are afraid to lose their jobs. Salaries are excellent. People stay away from discussing politics and there are hardly any political jokes

High unemployment, no job security, most people work hard for little money, no political jokes


Age 53-60, with sufficient pension for a simple, peaceful life; inexpensive retirement homes with excellent care are available; doctors make house calls; all hospitals are staffed with doctors 24 hours a day.

Age 62-70, with extremely varied amounts of retirement funds. Decent retirement homes are too expensive for most. Doctors don’t make house calls and most hospital wards don’t have doctors working at night.

Age 60-65, many with insufficient pension, low retirement home availability; medical care is no longer free




There Is a Better Way


I’ve included the table above because there is so much misinformation and propaganda, in the West, the US particularly, about how bad socialism is. Although very few Americans experienced it first hand, most have been so brainwashed, that they are extremely afraid of it. A great portion of Republicans even call US Democrats “socialists”, and certainly don’t want socialism. Many people coming from socialist countries have learned very fast that to fit into American society and not to make enemies, you must agree with the Americans on how bad socialism is. I am not promoting socialism here; I’m just showing the misunderstood facts.









The type of political system does not really matter that much; what rather matters are people that run it, so naturally the US capitalist system does not need to be abandoned. All that is needed is to vote into power honest, good, competent people, not politicians crooked enough that they would put used-car salesmen to shame. The basic US economic and political system does not have to change. Capitalist societies, or democracies, as they like to be called, can work very well, a lot better than they do right now. All that is needed is a major tune-up. The same goes for socialist societies. In Czechoslovakia the biggest problems during Communism were, in order of importance:

  • Secret services working for Soviet interests
  • Copying the Soviet system


In the current Czech “democratic” society the biggest problems, during the new capitalist era are, again in the order of importance:

  • Secret services work for American and German interests
  • Copying the US and Mexico-type systems, with the help of Western secret services
  • Corruption
  • Total lack of patriotism – patriotism is destroyed by media, which is in foreign, mainly German, hands


It was very wrong to dismantle a functioning socialist system in the Czech Republic and replace it with a corrupt inefficient capitalist one. Actually nothing had to be destroyed, redone, or reversed. All that was needed was to replace the not very patriotic, not very competent leaders with competent patriots, add some competition to the economic system and subsidize it during the period of transition. The system would very soon start to function a lot better overall. There were plenty of competent patriots among Czech emigrants in the West. Instead of attracting them, instead of attracting their Western experience and knowledge, everything was done to make them unwelcome; welcomed were primarily the ones with ties to organizations that were controlled by the CIA, BND, or the ones who were more American and German than the average Americans and Germans were. BND is the German secret service.



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Book 2020 Introduction US Propaganda Political Systems Fixing Democracy Fixing Our Lives Fixing the Economy Life Enjoyment Globalization Fixing the USA End to Globalization Fixing Other Countries The Future Conclusion Appendix



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