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Book 2020 Introduction US Propaganda Political Systems Fixing Democracy Fixing Our Lives Fixing the Economy Life Enjoyment Globalization Fixing the USA End to Globalization Fixing Other Countries The Future Conclusion Appendix





America – The People


·         I was born in Czechoslovakia. As a teenager I hated Communism and I wanted to escape from it. One day I took a trip to Vienna from which I did not return and instead later on that year, as a political refugee, emigrated to the U.S. The first real American I ever met was the US ambassador in Prague when I, a year earlier, went to apply for visa to visit my relative in the US. The visit to the embassy was a very memorable experience. There was a great looking Cadillac parked in the driveway. The ambassador was polite and, unlike Czechs officials, smiled super nicely and looked like President Kennedy that I admired. I was a teenager from a Communist country; he was a God from a country that I never visited but adored.

·         At the movies I saw westerns and other American films and I wanted to act like John Wayne or Lee Van Cleef. I was only a student at that time and I admired these great big men, which were so different from the Czechs I knew.

·         One day, while I was a college student in the US, I took a psychological test. The psychologist told me that what was interesting is that I appear to be gentle while an American man, who took the test before me, acted in a very strong, loud, and powerful manner. But that man’s handwriting clearly showed that behind that great big facade lives a very little man. My test showed the opposite, a great strong man inside but polite and soft-spoken on the outside. So people are not always what they seem. When it comes to Americans this is especially so. One of the problems with Americans is strong behavioralism – or played out emotions and behavior. While someone in Europe is more likely to behave according to the way he feels, an American will rather behave how is expected of him – will play out this role.



America – The Image


·         As a teenager I listened to Radio Free Europe (RFE), an American CIA station that broadcasted from the free world. It toughed me how great America and Americans are. It made me convinced how awful Czechoslovakia is in comparison and made me ashamed to be from a country like that.

·         I was going to take a trip to New York, a city that I knew from RFE and VOA (Voice of America, another CIA station) broadcasts. New York was in a country that I knew from these broadcasts and I also knew people who lived there – from the same great broadcasts. I imagined a city without a piece of dirt on the ground, with buildings made of white marble; I imagined absolutely no crime or poverty, friendly smiling people, with so much freedom that e.g. no one is ever going to look into my luggage at the New York airport, while I was absolutely sure that the Communists in Czechoslovakia will go through it thoroughly. I did not believe any “lies” the Communists were saying about America! RFE and VOA were “free” radio stations in the “free world” and they were “free to tell the truth”. If there were some details missing, I filled them with my imagination, and from information I heard on the British BBC and the West German “Deutsche Welle” broadcasts.







America – The Reality


·         At the airport in Prague the Czech Communists did not open my luggage or look into my handbag; the Americans in New York went through everything thoroughly. New York was so dirty and ridden with crime, New Yorkers so unfriendly, and my relative’s apartment so ugly that every morning when I woke up, I did not believe that I visited America. For full five weeks that I spent there, I was telling myself that all this is just a bad dream from which I will awake up.

·         I began to learn that things are not what they seem when it comes to America, but I was so brainwashed by the RFE propaganda that it took me many years to become fully conscious of it. The full realization came very slowly. I always needed a shock in order to start opening my eyes to this new reality.

·         When I was a teenager I heard things like “Russians can talk for hours about nothing”. This is because if you live under a repressive regime, you can’t talk about important things, like criticizing the Communist party at work; otherwise you would lose your job. What is interesting is that the Americans too can talk for hours about nothing. They too will not criticize the Republicans at work – for a very similar reason the Russians wouldn’t criticize the Communists.



America – The Legend Lives On


When I returned to Czechoslovakia the first time, except for my closest family, I never told anyone about the American dark side, about the true reality. Everyone envied my trip to “The Promised Land” and looked up to me because of that. Prior to going to the US I knew a dentist, who visited New York; when he returned, he never told anything bad about the US either. When, after the fall of Communism, I returned back to the Czech Republic and tried to tell anyone how New York and America really are, no one believed me; everyone thought that I was either nuts or a communist spy; everyone in Czechoslovakia knew that only the awful Communists criticized the United States. Then, within a few years, the new Czech “democratic” regime was very successful in their effort to develop in their country a similar crime, drug, and STD ridden society as America was. Only then the “democratic” media began to slowly show the negative aspects of America.






America – A Different Opinion


I tell things how I see them. I have no need to conform and to kiss anyone’s behind. I never conformed in order to move up the corporate ladder. I never hoarded money, drove expensive cars, owned a house, etc. I instead lived my life to the fullest. America became my new home; I finished my studies there, in sunny California, and I took my stay in the US as an adventure, where I traveled, met interesting people, including from the extreme ends of the political spectrum. I took on primarily temporary jobs and I was as outspoken against the government in the US as I was against the Communists when I lived in Czechoslovakia and I am now about the new “democratic” Czech puppet regime, or about the Bush’ administration.


In Czechoslovakia I was lucky to become a rebel at a time, when the Communists allowed more freedom. Unfortunately there are not many of us who call things the way they are. I met British professors at a renowned US university with American flags on their desks. It made me laugh. I met a Czech, who studied engineering, a Bachelor’s program, at an American college. He kept on saying things like “American schools are the best.” It made me laugh! I met Czechs high school students who spent a year at showcase US high schools and I met Americans, with high school diplomas, who were illiterate by Czech standards. I had friends among American Communists, in the US, where if you would ask 100 Americans, if they know any Communists, most likely no one would, and they would be telling the truth, although a great portion of Americans would wrongly claim that American Democrats are Communists or socialists. I had friends among the far right, who wanted to fight the government. I had friends among many other segments of the society. I was eager to hear their sides of the story, their motives, etc.





Next time some successful Czech-American makes it to the Czech TV and starts to paint an all-rosy-picture of America and criticize the Czech nation, you should realize that at work he probably has an American flag on his desk – just to conform, and his opinions are as conformist as the TV station, which broadcasts his opinion, wants them to be. If this Czech does not come from America, but from Germany, he for sure drives a German car and although he was a rebel in Czechoslovakia, which is why he left the country in the first place, the “democratic” West Germans very quickly taught him to conform and tell only what is expected of him.


There are Americans who think like I do and there are Czechs that do too. We are not Communists or Nazis; we don’t hate the Americans or the Czechs, on the contrary, we love them as well as we love America and the Czech Republic, and so we speak out, because we want to change things, we want to make them better. That is why we are critical.


Political spectrum is vast and omni-directional, although the establishment would like to fit it into one line that goes from right to left. My opinions are as far from this cliché as theirs are from truth and reality.







America – The Disaster


Where United States are today, the rest of civilized world will be tomorrow. The US waters are polluted; what was once considered unhealthy or even illegal to be called a drinking water is now pumped to our homes; the air is polluted with cancer and infertility causing chemicals. The fruits and vegetables are sprayed with pesticides and herbicides that cause genetic damage, infertility, cancer, and many other serious ailments.


The US has 4.5% of the world’s population and is using 24% of world’s pesticides. At the current rate, 140 kg (approx. 308 lbs) of pesticides per person is being used in his lifetime. During the last 20 years the use of pesticides in the US increased 33 times; when it comes to corn – the increase was 1000 times. The spraying increases astronomically because pesticide-resistant pests are developing faster than the increase of spraying and these tremendous amounts of pesticides are now beginning to kill the crops.








What is the solution that our clever corporate leaders came up with? Genetically modified crops that are resistant to pesticides, so more pesticides can be used; the fact that these pesticide-soaked crops are then killing us who eat them does not seem to matter to the chemical lobby as the same people who make the pesticides also often make medicines to fight the diseases that the pesticides are causing. If organic crop growing would be used instead, the pesticide makers would lose their very high incomes. They are in bed with our lawmakers, who pass pro-pesticide-industry legislatures. While other countries fight the US government pressure on allowing genetically modified crops, countries like Czech Republic, with their puppet regimes, pass legislatures that allow it.


Unnatural hormones in milk cause cancer. Water polluted with hormones originating from birth control pill consumption is causing hormonal changes even in children and men. Most American men had at least one homosexual experience. AIDS, EBV, and other retroviruses and retrovirus-based-diseases are infecting mankind – and there is no cure. 34% of nutrition intake of the average American is from junk foods. Americans get 40% of their energy from eating fat.


35 million Americans live in poverty and this number is increasing at an alarming rate. Many of these poor Americans are, according to official statistics, undernourished. In reality most Americans are undernourished when it comes to healthy nutrition and over nourished when it comes to disease and fat causing foods.


We have epidemics of incurable deadly infectious diseases, including AIDS, untreatable syphilis, untreatable gonorrhea, and untreatable tuberculoses. These incurable forms are man made primarily due to improper use of antibiotics. There are about 40 sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s), 25 of which are serious. Most Americans are infected with a serious incurable STD; tens of millions of these infected Americans are not even aware of their disease yet. There is also an epidemic of an STD, called HPV, which is symptom-less in men, while it’s causing cancer and painful intercourse in women.


Sex is no longer safe. Old ways of follow-up the chain of spread of an STD and treatment of all infected in this chain was abandoned and in case of AIDS, the diseased individuals – carriers of the illness – have been given a special privilege to stay anonymous, which allows them to further spread the deadly virus. Many do so purposely, because they are mad that they were infected by someone – someone as irresponsible as they are. Media abandoned promotion of morality and replaced it with violence and promotion of what was once thought to be perverse and unhealthy sexual practices.


U.S. is supposedly a democracy and Americans are taught that their government is “by the people, for the people”. Americans are free to vote for whomever they want. The elected government is supposed to govern for their benefit. But the archaic voting system does not allow the voters to have better choices or to make better decisions today than they could a hundred years ago.


The American educational system is totally failing and is considerably worse than it was half a century ago. Elementary and secondary education was in some US schools degraded to what once was a special ed level. It takes a number of years for the average student to learn enough English to be able to read; there are some students that have hard time reading even when they graduate from high school. At the same time a student can’t study efficiently until he learns how to read. If it takes him 6 years to learn to read, he basically has only 6 years to study efficiently before he finishes high school, which is the 12th grade. What further degrades quality of US primary and secondary education is the fact that it is aimed to teach the less performing students; the smart ones get bored.


There are crime and drugs in the streets and in schools. There are cities in the US, where elected public officials venture to their districts only in armored cars. US kids are bombarded with violence on TV, in movies, and in music. Seeing dead or seeing blood leaves them not only cold and numb; they get excited; they laugh and enjoy it. They are constantly shown examples of rich life – are programmed to want expensive cars and other material things. The politicians are perfect examples of immorality, corruption, and insincerity. There are not many good jobs for most minority students; available are mainly the type of positions that no one wants, jobs that don’t really pay, jobs without benefits or future.


Then there is the decadent church: numerous Catholic priests who rape little boys, TV evangelists who pray to God only to suck vast amounts of money from people. These evangelists are often sinful, corrupted, bad, and extremely rich. To them church and God mean nothing more than expensive lifestyles and huge bank accounts.


Americans are good people, who have became prisoners of their own corrupted government, for whom interests of their people is not important; everything the US government does is for benefit of the military-industrial complex, which, with its powerful lobby, has overtaken the government and is using it to serve its own interests – its own agenda, while brainwashing the people that this is the best way, that there is no better way, while it makes the American citizen believe that it protects them from enemy, which it often artificially creates.



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Book 2020 Introduction US Propaganda Political Systems Fixing Democracy Fixing Our Lives Fixing the Economy Life Enjoyment Globalization Fixing the USA End to Globalization Fixing Other Countries The Future Conclusion Appendix



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